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If we were having tea… // 12th July 2020

Hey everyone!

It’s been an eventful few weeks and I wanted to make a chill post today and let out something that have been on my mind.

So get your choice of drink and settle down for a bit.

gif of a person holding a cup of hot tea

If we were having tea… I would first update you on my Instagram debacle. My account @bujobeauties is one of my achievements. I started it 4 years back and it has grown! People don’t even believe that it’s mine sometimes because I hardly talk about it. But it is something that I cherish and view as an accomplishment.

A few weeks back we were sent a phishing scam message on that account which led to us losing control of our account. Being a tech major, I would have realized its a scam immediately but one of my co-moderators panicked and took action. The hackers logged into the account and quickly changed the password, email and phone number. Since I have control of the email and the account is linked to my phone, I found out immediately because I got notifications.

That night was a roller coaster. I was in the middle of doing something else when this happened and I started panicking. I couldn’t log into the account through any of the means. They changed email, and unlinked the Facebook page as well. But there was a silver lining. The account had 2 factor authentication, which means there is a code that comes to my phone number which is required to log in after changes. They tried to change phone number so my phone got unlinked part-way, not allowing me to log in with it, but their phone number wasn’t linked as well.

shaking head gif

The hackers actually messaged me on Whatsapp (I assume they saw my number on the account before changing it) and demanded for the code. I refused to give, of course. If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to trust random people or give away any codes.

They tried multiple times, and tried again a couple days later as well by which time I figured out that they couldn’t access the account as well. So I started trolling them when they texted me. That was fun. If you’d like to see the conversation, check out my stories on @thewordyhabitat in my highlight “entertainment.”

That same night, I tried to log in to that account again and again, and looked for an option to use my phone number. And finally there was some option which showed my phone number. I used it, reset the password and logged in. After that I quickly reset all changes back to normal and also took down recovery codes (which I wasn’t aware of before).

But yeah, that was a wild few days when I was really sad because it was 4 years of work that almost got lost. The amount of relief I felt when I got the account back was a LOT. I acted quickly to reset credentials but after that, I took several minutes off to accept the fact.

Anyway. The account is back with us! The whole ordeal was stressful though.

sigh in frustration gif

If we were having tea… I’d say that one good thing did come out of that Instagram drama which was me talking to a TON of people on my Bookstagram account (@thewordyhabitat). I generally don’t talk or text a lot, mostly because I find unnecessary texting exhausting. There are very few times I try to keep the conversation going or start one randomly.

So when I posted about my other account getting hacked, and the conversations that I had with the hackers, SO MANY PEOPLE replied to my stories. I couldn’t keep up! I was responding to them at ALL times. Every time I opened the app, I had multiple unread messages.

open mouth gif

It was the first time that the unread number went to double digits without including my friends who send memes. It took me aback. And while it was great to talk to many people, it did leave me really exhausted emotionally and mentally. I had zero energy after that day. After somehow making it through the week, I took a day off from office the next week to rest up and recharge. I needed it.

It was nice, though, talking to everyone and seeing just how many people actually notice my stories and care.

If we were having tea… you’d hear all about my new Mamamoo obsession! I was listening to random songs on Spotify song radio and Mamamoo’s Destiny came up. I became OBSESSED immediately. Right now I’m obsessing over 4 of their songs and haven’t really ventured into rest of their music because I want to take my time with every song.

Mamamoo is a talented group of 4 women who’s vocals are mind-blowing. They’re way too good, and they’re SO TALENTED. If any of you are looking for new music, I highly suggest this group. Listen to the songs Destiny, Starry Night, and Hip. You can go on from there.

clapping with pride

If we were having tea… you’d hear about the sad Mamamoo news too. I’m not a moomoo (fandom name for Mamamoo’s fans) yet because I barely know anything. But yesterday a twitter thread made its way to my feed showing how Mamamoo is often used as a scapegoat to cover up other fandom/kpop group news. The thread explains how much the moomoos have to fight back to support the group and make them know they’re loved because the anti-stans are too many who are often racist and blatantly rude.

For example, Mamamoo’s members were in a minor car accident sometime but were uninjured, thankfully, and antis on twitter said “oh no, maybe next time” and other such things.

can we ask why gif

I have never seen this kind of toxicity towards a specific Kpop group and considering that I just found out about the group and love them, it’s really disheartening. Multiple moomoos online leave the internet and close their fandom accounts because they cannot take the bullying and need time off for their mental health. I cannot imagine how the Mamamoo members themselves feel.

Once, their YouTube account was hacked and all their music video titles were changed to titles with slurs and telling people “don’t watch this.” They do not deserve all that hate!!

It’s just… very sad and I couldn’t stop thinking about it yesterday. This is the thread with all info and proof, if you’d like to see it. Beware of slurs, racist language, and bullying.

If we were having tea… I’d talk about how proud I am about my reading recently. Going into 2020, my goal was to start reading more intentionally. I vowed to make progress slowly because a complete would be quite hard. As far as I envisioned, especially considering how less I was reading before the pandemic hit, I saw at least 20% of my reads being intentional by the year end.

Now, what do I mean by intentional reading? This helpful video by The Artisan Geek explains the broad idea of it. My meaning of intentional reading is being conscious of what I was picking up, and trying to pick up more diverse reads and books that I generally wouldn’t go for but should.

Reading diversely is one of the things that is pushed a lot online but I was one of those people who said “I just read whatever I come across without discrimination” and assumed that I’m doing right. But last when I analyzed my reads, I realized that while I don’t pick and choose myself, I was still not reading enough diverse books. Why was that? It took me a little more time to realize that the books I come across are largely not diverse and hence I don’t even have to consciously make the choice.

In order to read more diverse books, I had to follow more people who recommended diverse books and I had to consciously pick diverse books over white cishet books. That was one.

Another point to intentional reading was reading more non-fiction and figuring out what I like in the genre because I barely explored it and cannot say that “it is not for me” without trying.

bookworm tangled gif

I can happily say that, right now, I’m reading a ton of books that I would not have come across or picked up a year ago. I’m being very conscious of the books I prioritize in my reading list and it is genuinely improving my reading. I enjoy more books now and there are very few that I don’t like. And when I don’t like a book, it is easy to pin-point why I didn’t like it and why it is not as good as other books that I have read.

So yeah, I’m really happy about my progress on this.

If we were having tea… the last thing I’d update you on is my exams! So the University Grants Commission on India has declared that exams be cancelled for all college student except final year students. The other students will be given grades based on past performance and other factors while the final year students (including me) will have to write exams in person, probably. In the middle of a pandemic! When cases are STILL RISING to record highs every day.

Within hours of UGC’s statement, my university released dates of our exams. We’re supposed to have exams from August 17th, which is quite far away. That is good since students from other states have to travel back and quarantine etc. But it is NOT good because we are the ONLY BATCH who’s grades are time-sensitive. Most of us have jobs lined up which we cannot join until we graduate. Not to mention all the students who planned on doing masters abroad. This delay postpones everything and causes a lot of uncertainty.

frustration gif

Not to mention, we barely have 3 theory subjects for the last semester. The rest are already graded and done. I don’t get why those 3 subjects cannot be graded based on 7 semesters of previous performance. It makes no sense and we’re still trying to fight it. Hopefully, something can be done. If not, you will find many of us sick with COVID-19 next month. We’re literally having record highs of cases every single day. I don’t see us being safe to write exams next month. I don’t know what the authorities are thinking. And most likely, they’re not. They didn’t even bother to see how much value the final semester subjects actually have (not much, the most important subjects are in years 2 & 3).

My friends and I are super active on our Whatsapp group. We talk a LOT on there and debate and try to find solutions. Our group is no less than twitter or a Reddit thread.

We’re super annoyed.

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What would you tell me if we were having tea (or any other drink) right now?

17 thoughts on “If we were having tea… // 12th July 2020”

  1. Oh my god. I am glad things are under control now.
    Don’t these hackers got any actual work rather than trying to eliminate years of hard work? Damn.
    Someone recently tried to get my banking details by saying stuff like they will verify my account and when I didn’t listen they send me a message with completely messed up English. It was my first experience so I panicked a tiny bit but seriously. These hackers need to get a life. :/

    Also yayyie. Stan Mamamooo!
    It’s actually sad they don’t get the deserved recognition just because they are from a small company.

    I need to diversify my reads too. I have been reading like a snail these days but oh well.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OMG! I cant believe UGC is so stupid! How can they declare in-person exams in the middle of a freaking pandemic? I hope their order is taken back. Stay safe!
    Also, I have got to check out Mamamoo! And I will check out Artisan’s Geek Video as well!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. OMG Sumedha that’s so cool you’re one of the people running bujobeauties! I’m really glad you all got the account back, though; that would’ve been so much hard work over the years lost. 😦

    I LOVE Mamamoo’s Hip! They’re not one of my favorite groups, but I’m starting to find there are some songs from them that I actually do like (and I especially love Moon Byul’s solo songs). The hate given from the fandoms to the artists sometimes is generally why I try to stay as far away as possible – seeing all of the threads and posts just feels emotionally draining (and the artists definitely don’t deserve the hate).

    Sending you good vibes with your exams! I hope you’re staying safe and I’m sorry you all have to deal with the delay in the middle of the pandemic. 😦 I get why, but the safety of students should be more important than doing a 180 on everyone who already have plans lined up.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I’m really glad we got it back as well.

      I like Moon Byul’s solos too! I’m also awed by Hwasa’s voice and I’m obsessed with two of her solos currently.

      Thank you! It’s just not the best situation currently since every day we’re having the most number of cases reported.

      Hope you have a great week again Sophia!


  4. You have a really interesting blog. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to some very interesting reading πŸ™‚

    The UGC decision really did come as a shocker to a lot of people. Completely uncalled for! There is always a work around to any situation. But no, UGC chose to turn a blind eye and shut down their minds. Hoping they reconsider this decision. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Hope I don’t disappoint haha.

      I hope so as well. My state is on track to overtake Mumbai’s cases in three weeks which is when our exams are supposed to happen and that is making us so stressed 😬 fingers crossed that exams are called off.


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