The Boyfriend Project || 10/10 recommend

the boyfriend project book cover

Title: The Boyfriend Project
Author: Farrah Rochon
Genre: Romance
Category: Adult
Series info: Book 1 of The Boyfriend Project series but can be read as standalone

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This book came to my attention sometime last month when people were sharing books by Black authors a lot in order to elevate them, and I am so glad!

There was a tweet (don’t remember by who) which said something like “once you start reading diverse books, you cannot go back” and that is SO TRUE. I’ve read a lot of romance books in the past few years and ever since I started actively picking up more diverse reads, I cannot go back to the almost-BLAND books I used to read before. My standards are higher now.

I’ve DNFed multiple books simply because they’re sub-par to me now, whereas they would have been fine a couple years back.

This book is a prime example of why. It is SO GOOD and it will raise your standards for romance books.

The Plot

Samaiah Brooks is living the dream. She has a great job in STEM, and she works in one of the best offices ever. She lives in a high-rise condo close to work, which she always wanted. The only thing left is to have a good boyfriend.

When the guy she’s currently dating is exposed through twitter by another girl he took out on a date by cancelling on Samaiah, she’s done. Although her confrontation with him goes viral on twitter, she walked out with one boyfriend less and two new friends.

As she deals with the new changes in her life, and with going viral, she meets the new hire in her office who is simply a DREAM. Although she decided to work on herself for six months and forget about men, Daniel is simply unforgettable. The sparks between them are too obvious and compelling.

Should she take the chance or should she back off? Because he seems too good to be true.

My Review

This book is a GEM.

Although I added it to my TBR a while back, I was in the middle of multiple books and put this off until I really needed a pick-me-up. And boy, it worked like a charm when I needed it.

Romance books are my comfort books. When I’m anxious or sad, or simply disturbed, romance books usually bring me right back up. And this book shows exactly why I love the genre.


I’m being serious. The main characters were amazing of course (I’ll get to them in a minute), but all the supporting characters were wonderful as well. The author has written the characters so well. Even the characters you’re not supposed to like are on-point.

  • Samaiah Brooks is an idol.

And I don’t mean idol as in Kpop idol. She’s an actual inspiritation.

Samaiah was interested in STEM and computers right from a young age. Even though she was discouraged to go after the field since she is a Black woman (and apparently everyone expects Black women to not have brains??), she decided to prove everyone wrong.

She worked hard and worked her way up. And what an inspiration. She holds a really important position in Trendsetters, which is a very sought-after workplace, and makes sure that they know they’re lucky to have her.

Samaiah is strong, ambitious, and hella smart. She knows what she is doing and after being burned a couple times at work, she also takes no bullshit.

One thing I really appreciated was how she didn’t have insecurities about her body or looks. I’m so done with romance books having female leads whose only flaws are their body insecurities and the hot guy needs to be like “doesn’t she know how beautiful she is”.

It was absolutely wonderful to read the book with her as a lead. STEM majors are generally known to be more casual (which also describes me), but she breaks that stereotype to show that not everyone in STEM is the same.

  • Daniel Collins is also a really strong character.

Daniel is Black and Korean. He served 4 years in the Marines because he comes from a family of military history. Even when he left that behind, he continued to serve by being in the government because he sees it as his duty to serve the country.

He is in FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) which takes his around the country and into many different jobs where he has to help uncover and arrest the bad guys in the tech world. And that is what brings him to Trendsetters, where he is working undercover.

Daniel is also super smart, geeks over coding languages, and is really good at his job which he takes to heart.

It was really wonderful to read about his as well because he is a strong character on his own, and the book doesn’t only praise Samaiah.

  • The romance was TOO GOOD.

We have Samaiah and Daniel—two VERY strong characters. I could read a book on each of them without the romance. And that is why this book is SIMPLY AMAZING because it brings them together. And it does it well.

Samaiah and Daniel have sparks flying between them right from the start and the chemistry between them is so obvious. We can see it as readers without them even saying it. And that is when you know that the romance book is good.

  • The plot was really good as well.

When following Samaiah on her own with her career and personal life, it’s a normal book but with an amazing heroine. Switch to Daniel and we have an undercover agent who leads a double life to hunt bad guys by using computers.

So yeah, this book definitely has an adventure element to it. It’s like a cherry on top because the plot is already really good without it.

  • I loved all the technical talk.

The author is either in the field or has done quite some research because there are a few detailed technical talks during the book. Even I didn’t know some bits because there was detailed talk on security, which is not my area.

  • I want to work in Trendsetters.

I’m not sure why but the office where Samaiah works is really focused on multiple times. We get descriptions and commentary about how awesome the workplace is.

Now, having that focus and appreciation sometimes is okay but it was there multiple times. That made me think that the author wanted to show the kind of working environments that will make employees want to come to the office and work.

It was an unexpected addition, especially since we don’t see things like that in romance books. But it was a good addition.

Honestly, I’m super jealous of Samaiah even though Trendsetters is fictional. I want to work there! It sounds AWESOME.

  • Girl group ❤

Samaiah, London and Taylor find each other because of a cheating guy but once they ditch him, they really bonded with each other and kept up their friendship.

Having girl friends and a girl support group is super important for women and that was really brought to the forefront in this book. Samaiah might be on track in her career etc. but she also needs a group to talk to and chill with.

When she did get that with London and Taylor, she specifically thought about it and appreciated it. That was really nice to see.

  • The book was funny and entertaining as well.

Reading it was fun. I laughed and smiled and enjoyed it all.


If you’re a lover of romance or if you’re looking for a good romance book to read, PICK THIS UP. It will not disappoint you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 stars

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