July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

It’s been very slow for the past few months and slowly I’m reducing my spreads to accommodate the new lifestyle. This month’s setup is the most compact that I’ve done in the last two years or so. I usually have dates to keep track of throughout the month and I don’t have that now, other than birthdays.

Which is why I almost entirely removed that section and that reduced my setup overall. In fact, it was hard to fill up two whole pages without it and I ended up doing a bit of illustration and lettering.

cover page illustrated with a quote, dates, TBR section, habit trackers and expense tracker

I put washi tape over my expense for privacy reasons. But yeah, this is my setup for July. There’s a calendar on the top left corner in case I want to refer sometime.

I even made a “To Be Read” section this time because that part of the page was empty and I didn’t know how to fill it.

blog schedule

On the next page, I made a simply blog post schedule.

And that’s it.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my setup for the month. And I should be considering I’ll probably use only these three pages for the entire month. I tried making dailies in June but it just wasn’t working out and I stopped after a few sporadic days.

It’s disheartening to look at my bullet journal and feel like I have nothing to do, to be honest. I barely even pick up the notebook unless for marking the habit trackers once every few days. *sigh*

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How are you holding up now that we’re all several months into the pandemic?

8 thoughts on “July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup”

  1. I totally feel the same about having my empty bullet journal when I have nothing to do. It’s quite sad. I don’t want to get out of the habit of making them however or it will be hard to get back into it. Your theme this month is so pretty ❤

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  2. I love your theme for this month! I like how the compact spreads/different fonts look together. I just use my journal for reading and I have a regular planner otherwise, but I still feel the same way about not being able to fill it out as much! I used to decorate my planner more and had more to fill out, but as of now I haven’t had a need for my monthly spreads since April.

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    1. Thank you! I get you, a planner is simply not needed as much anymore when you don’t have multiple plans and out-going days to keep track of.


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