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if we were having tea… // 17th May 2020

It’s tea time!

I was confused on what to post today since I had multiple ideas. As I couldn’t make a decision, I put up polls on Twitter and Instagram. In both places, this post got the most votes so here we are.

I got myself a hot cup of tea as well to set the vibe for myself. You might as well get a cup of something too.

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If we were having tea… I’d first comment on how time seems to fly by. A new week starts and by the time I keep up with work, college, and blogging, the week is almost over. If it’s like this with me being home, I wonder how I would have managed in normal life without the pandemic.

If we were having tea… I would say that deadlines are catching up to me. They’re creeping up out of nowhere leaving me flustered and overwhelmed. I can think of two major deadlines for college as of now which need to be worked on ASAP.

Along with the major deadlines in college and work, small deadlines like assignments and small goals are also adding to my stress. Every few days I find that there are multiple assignments left to do that are due within a day or so. Once they’re done, I take a break to focus on other things. Repeat.

It’s starting to become overwhelming, especially since our situation with finals is also up in the air. I’m worried that we’ll have to write finals without having written even one internal test. Those internals are the ones that help in the end because they give familiarity with the topics. I learn about what and how much to write through them. Without internals to guide me, I don’t know how I’ll do in finals.

According to our seniors, the last semester is the easiest and we’ll score the best. But with the current situation, who knows.

sigh gif

If we were having tea right now… it would probably be a video call and you’d hear loud music and noise coming from my side. It’s because the people in the house that my room’s window faces (in the apartment next to ours) play everything SUPER LOUD.

I am SO ANNOYED. We’ve tried calling out to them through our balcony and reaching out through other means but haven’t been able to successfully so far.

I think they have a home theatre system and they use it a lot. If we consider both the apartments, they’re the ONLY ONES who turn up the volume so much. They have to be deaf by now.

It’s the worst when I’m trying to get something done or when I’m in class/a work call. As I write this, I’m literally listening to lofi music through headphones in a high volume to drown them out. And I don’t turn the volume up this high usually but I have to because of them.

From spying through the window, I know that a couple live there. I assume they also work from home because every weekday during the afternoon they play LOUD MUSIC or watch television for an hour. Which I assume is their lunch break. It’s so loud that I know what they’re watching, what the characters are saying, everything.

As you can see, I have a lot of frustration built up.

These are also the people who had multiple friends over for a SLEEPOVER lasting THREE DAYS right after the lockdown was announced. And you bet they had a great time because we heard the party music.

frustration gif

If we were having tea… I’d talk about how I’m really enjoying lofi music right now. I play it in the background when blogging and working. It’s really nice.

I made a playlist of my favourite lofi mixes so check it out if you want to! The third and fourth videos are my favourite.

Recently, I also found a 24/7 lofi beats livestream titled Quarantine Vibe. It’s quite nice too but I find that its beats do not suit my timings, which is sad.

If we were having tea... continuing from the previous topic, I’d talk about the new Discord servers that I joined (after searching for days). I was looking for Discord servers where people listen to music together and maybe chat. In the last tea hangout post I had mentioned that I missed listening to chatter which is what led me to looking for these servers.

I found them only yesterday and I really like one called Medium Cafe because of 2 things:

  • there is music playing 24/7 through their custom for-the-channel bots. One of the bots plays really good lofi which takes the problem of finding mixes out of my hands.
  • there are multiple voice channels broken down as “cafe tables” and “cafe booths” to chat and listen to music together with other people.

So yeah, nice stuff.

aww yeah gif

If we were having tea… I would mention that my friends and I are almost done with Orphan Black. By that, I mean we have only a few episodes left. I am so glad to be finishing it because I’ve been curious about the ending for YEARS. Its been fun to watch with friends.

If we were having tea… you’d have another watching update from me. A few friends and I watched Anohana together. Anohana is a BEAUTIFUL and HEART-BREAKING ANIME that I first saw a couple years back. Since it is only 11 half-hour episodes, I had binged it in a day and sobbed my eyes out.

This time, I’m re-watching with friends and as it’s hard to coordinate times, we spread out watching the anime over two weekends. We watched the last 7 episodes yesterday though. AND IT’S STILL SO GOOD. Even though I knew what’s coming, it blew me away.

100/10 recommend.

If we were having tea… I’d talk about how I’m super inspired to blog even though I don’t have the time. I usually post thrice a week but for the last two weeks I posted four times. And blogging takes TIME, especially when you’re doing 500-1000 words a post.

And I have so many ideas. Lately I’ve been coming up with more chatty posts where I talk about my perspectives on things. And they are posts that will have 1k words* easily because I have so much to say. Although they might not be popular, they would open up discussions too.

My only problem is finding the time to write them all haha.

I’m happy that I’m not having a blogging slump, though! I usually get them when things are too hectic in real life.

*Oh hey look this post is already over 1k words. Thanks for sticking with me, y’all.

furiously typing gif

If we were having tea… I’d hit you with another watching update. Yes it’s a lot of watching but I have the time now! And I’m mostly watching in small doses.

I’m currently watching the Kdrama The King: The Eternal Monarch which stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun. Netflix is releasing two episodes every weekend. A friend of mine is also watching it as it releases which is great because I have someone to discuss with.

Being a fantasy show, it does have many aspects that start discussions. The plot, the science-fiction elements, and especially the plot holes. I will (hopefully find the time to) write a review* on it once the Kdrama is over. But one thing I can say is that I don’t like the romance. And the show isn’t directed/edited well. My friend and I have been confused at parts and totally dislike the romance.

*Although I forget things easily, I have the chats with my friend to look back on and remember by opinions. So this review will turn out good.

If we were having tea… you’d hear about how I’m back to being (somewhat) active on Instagram. I wrote a whole post on my mixed feelings towards the app and the bookstagram scene a while back. In fact I was considering deleting the account recently. But that’s giving up, so I thought why not give it one more shot. This time just not at all looking at the numbers.

Let’s hope I can do it lol. If I can’t, I’ll probably go on hiatus over there.

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If we were having tea together right now, what would you tell me?

17 thoughts on “if we were having tea… // 17th May 2020”

  1. I really really don’t miss living in a city just for the situations you described with your loud neighbors 🙂 I am a city girl born and raised, and I have been living in the countryside for 5 years now, it is such a relief not to have some strangers smack in the middle of your own quiet time:) Hope they are quieter by now. I don’t know what lofi music is but I am curious to find out:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great that you’re living in peace in the countryside now! I don’t think I’ll be able to do that since all career opportunities are in the city here.
      Lofi music is just beats and tunes, no words. And there are lofi tracks/compilations to suit every mood. It’s best for listening to something to drown out noises but also concentrate on work. Try it sometime!


  2. I hope your neighbors would start considering how distracting their loud noises can get. There’s nothing i hate other than people being inconsiderate of others. And oh, you watch kdrama too? I’m two minds about watching King: the Eternal Monarch but it must be good since many are watching.


  3. I really liked this post, it really felt like having tea with friends and discussing this and that. Good luck with everything that’s going on. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m seeing a lot of people do these kind of post and I am really enjoying them! I just might do this too. Thanks for the inspiration (: I love how personal you get with this.
    Nikki O.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Super cute and I love that you shared how you’ve been. I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your academics, it truly is challenging to be studying at home and online. ❤ you can and will get through it! I also love listening to lofi music, they are just good to hear. I hope you have a great week ahead!
    jillian @ jillian etc.

    Liked by 1 person

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