May Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

How is it month 5/12 already? My brain is not ready to accept that I have to write dates with 05 in the month area. March and April pretty much did not exist.

My bullet journal is not used so much anymore since I’m staying at home with no events. Mostly I use it to keep track of assignments and blog work. My habit tracker page is the most used. But my dailies have highly reduced.

But I don’t want to stop using my bullet journal because it feels like giving up on normalcy and routine. So I’m using it as much as I can, especially through the trackers. Lately, I’ve taken to doodling instead of making daily to-do lists.

page 1 with the month's dates and events. page 2 with the habit tracker.

Since I had time on my hands and felt like doing an elaborate and filled spread, this is what I came up with. I channeled my January setup, added those boxes in the bottom for decoration since I had space, and viola! It became a cute spread. I love it.

page 3 with washi tape, stickers and leaf doodles. page 4 with blog schedule planner.

Due to the “habit” in the previous spread, the ink showed quite a bit in the next page. I had to hide it with washi tape and the only thick washi tape I had was this metallic one. It’s actually quite cool.

But once I used it, I was clueless on what to do with the page since I’ve never worked with this washi tape before. Eventually after considering many different things, I added stickers and completed the page with doodles.

The doodles were very satisfying to do and I listened to an audiobook while doing them. Win-win.

I know that the two spreads look like they’re from two very different themes. But I seem incapable of maintaining the same theme past one spread.

And that’s it for my May setup! I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

You might notice that I didn’t do an expense tracker. It’s because I’m barely spending. My March expense tracker of two pages STILL has enough space to hold another slow month. So I’m going to continue using that instead of wasting a page.

As an update, I posted a casual flip-through of my 2020 bullet journal so far on Instagram which you can see below!

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Can you believe that we’re already in May? Are things looking better where you stay?

26 thoughts on “May Bullet Journal Setup”

  1. I Love your calendar spread! I definitely took up too much space with mine this month and I can downsize because I am doing very little at the moment just like yourself. Also, your leaf drawings are stunning! Simple line drawings are just so elegant!

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  2. Pretty cool. Somehow it is like a time warp. April month does not exist at all. If we travel back in time or through our journals, there won’t be anything in those spots. But as we all know we experienced something unprecedented and we all have enormous stories how we realised something’s that were completely missed.

    Life comes with a surprise they say.

    Everything is pretty much the same around. Not being able to go out, you don’t get to know what’s happening.

    Life is just simple at its most simplest form. This too shall pass.

    And hearty welcoming – Hello ! to you.

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