How I’m coping in lockdown

Hey everyone!

I’ve seen many bloggers do this kind of post where they just talk about how they’re doing and what their routine/life looks like in self-isolation/lockdown and I wanted to do my version as well.

This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday but I took a complete day off by not opening my laptops. After the week I’ve had, I really needed a break. All the tasks on my to-do list have been moved forward to today.


In my last life update, I mentioned that I was trying to set a routine. Well, it finally worked out. I now have some kind of routine for weekdays.

By routine, I really mean just a morning routine. After waking up and having some green leaf juice that my mum is forcing me to drink every day, I work out for a little to get my energy up. I’m not working out for weight loss or fitness but just to get my energy going and become fully awake.

Then I wash up and get dressed. Now, getting dressed has really helped me switch my mind from home-mode to work-mode. A lot of people are happy that they can work in pajamas but that doesn’t work for me. I dress up almost like I would if I were going out.

Changing back into home clothes at the end of the day makes the switch into chill-mode. I know that keeping home-life and work-life separate is important. Having a proper off-time is important. So the clothes really made a difference.

Before starting to work for my internship, I had college online classes this past week. So 10am to 11am I have a class and I start working at 11. This was Monday to Saturday this week. But from next week they’re making it 9am to noon thrice a week which is going to be hard.

First of all, three hours of class followed by 8-9 hours of work is not possible by me. That too with only a lunch break. Also, it adds a lot of screen time which is bad for my eyes.

After logging off work, I usually take at least an hour off to spend time with mum while having a drink or listen to audiobooks. I have a tendency to forget I have a phone during the day so I also catch up on texts and conversations at night.

And then, I just read or watch something. I try to blog but it’s not working out because I can’t look at the laptop screen any longer.

Screen time

My eyes are normally weak as it is. I wear glasses when using my laptop or looking at TV to help with the strain. I wear glasses all day long because even too much sunlight causes my eyes to become red.

8-9 hours for work is about as much as my eyes can take. By adding on an extra hour this past week for classes, my eyes need dedicated break/recovery time. For three out of four work days this week (Friday i.e. yesterday for me was a holiday for Good Friday) I’ve ended my workday with red eyes.

Red eyes means that I need to completely rest my eyes for at least an hour so they can take the strain again the next day. This is the one thing that I’m really struggling with.

Everything that did not require using a screen before requires it now. I am very conscious about the strain my eyes are taking. I find myself rubbing my eyes or closing them for a few minutes, just to rest them, multiple times a day. Whenever I can, I spend meetings walking around instead of looking at the screen. But only so much can be done.

Evenings are spent reading, listening to audiobooks, or doing anything else that will have me not looking at screens.


This Thursday was the first time that I felt like I was fully productive since work from home started. It has taken me this long to adjust to working from home and having meetings online. Also to figure out how to really communicate and what works best.

I’m a productivity-oriented person. I’ve mentioned this many times on the blog. It’s a good day when I’ve been productive and got a bunch of things done. Unless I specifically decide to take a day off for rest, I like to get at least a few things done. The tasks can be anything, but I need to do something.

In fact, it keeps me energized. After a productive day, I log off with energy to do non-work things like blog or chores.

So working an entire day for the internship and being productive makes me feel good. This week was the first time during work from home that I was satisfied when logging off work.

One thing I’m really glad about is having a partner who works like me. She is also productivity-oriented and we’ve worked well together so far. That really helps.


It feels like we’re still in an adjustment period and we’re figuring things out. The college authorities seem to have made a decision recently which translated into an email with upcoming plans that we received yesterday.

Obviously, there are holes in the plan and things that can be done better, but everyone’s trying. When the semester started, I expected to be studying on my own because of the internship which doesn’t allow me to attend most classes.

Since it’s online, and just hearing the class helps familiarize the topics, I’m trying to attend as many classes as I can. I did miss a couple classes this week because they were in the afternoon when my work is at it’s peak.

I have no idea how I’m going to manage the new plan of three classes thrice a week, like I mentioned before. No clue how that will work. Especially since the email mentioned that attendance counts towards scores.

In my opinion, that’s not good because tons of people have internet issues. Three hours of continuous class thrice a week will require quite a bit of internet data and good internet connection, which many might not have. Even I face internet issues almost everyday when I’m working.

My classmates and I are hoping to talk to the teachers and put forward concerns. Hopefully, a solution works out.


Is NOT HAPPENING. I’m still trying to post thrice a week. Until last week, I had some sort of a schedule to post but this week it was not possible. I couldn’t bear to look at my laptop anymore and hence, blogging was out of the question. Thankfully, I had written a couple posts during the weekend, which went up in the beginning of the week.

Going forward, I’ll have to somehow blog during the weekends for the upcoming week in order to keep posting regularly. I don’t see myself blogging during the week anymore, to be honest.

Not only am I not able to blog, but I’m not able to blog hop and visit other blogs much as well. I used to see some during breakfast before work but now I have breakfast during class so… yeah. I don’t know. Have to make some changes in my routine to accommodate college classes well.

As I said before, this post was supposed to go up yesterday. I thought I could do it since yesterday was a holiday (for work, not college). But I a few hours after waking up, I knew that I needed a day off from laptops.


My reading has definitely increased during self-isolation/lockdown. I mentioned this before as well. Since my travel time has cut down and I am trying to not use screens after work, reading has been my go-to activity.

I’m even able to finish whole books in ONE sitting. For the first time this year. I’m so glad that I have unread books on my shelf and a Kindle that allow me to read a lot.

Although my reading has increased, I haven’t reverted my 2020 Goodreads reading challenge back to 150 books. I’m 15 books ahead on my current goal of a 100 books, but I think I’ll need to get ahead now to meet my goal by the end of 2020.

Things are definitely going to become more hectic once lockdown is lifted and the society starts to go back to normal. There won’t be time for reading then.

Reading more also means that I have more books to review, but blogging less means that I don’t get the time to review them! It’s a dilemma on it’s own. I’m going to have a huge backlog of reviews by the time self-isolation ends.


During the weekends I watch a bit too. Also during meal times if I can handle it.

Last weekend, I finally binge-watched High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. I’ve heard way too much about it since Disney+ came out and I’m glad it came to India so I could watch it. A friend lent me his Hotstar account so I can watch lol.

I’ve also been watching Shark Tank for a couple months now, mostly during meal times. I finally finished the three seasons on Netflix. Time to look for a new show to accompany meals.

A couple weeks back, I also rewatched Orphan Black season 1 with three of my friends on Netflix party. Going back, I see so many plot holes in the show. I also notice a ton of other things, which makes the show predictable even without me knowing the story. It was still interesting but not as much. I’m not continuing with the show anymore.

Yesterday evening I started a Kdrama called The K2. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time but held off for so long because it’s an action drama and I’m not into actions. Too much fighting which takes up plot time, in my opinion. On a whim, I decided to give it a try yesterday.

My opinion is the same on fighting scenes taking too much time of the show but the plot itself isn’t bad. I’m halfway through. Final verdict is still out.


This is barely happening. I’m not a very social person as it is and most of my socializing came out of friends making plans.

My college friends and I did have a couple video calls but didn’t have much to talk about. We’re all having monotonous days.

I did a video call with my best friends once which was impromptu because one of them was bored lol. My girl group from school have planned for one this evening which will be the highlight of my day.

One things that has really changed is the amount I text. I generally don’t talk much as it is, but I don’t texting. I usually reply whenever I can and do have long conversations over text.

But now that I have nothing else to occupy my mind, texting really annoys me. I can text a bit, but not a lot. And I feel like I’m wasting my time by texting about things which I consider unimportant. Like shows or random topics.

It’s probably not good but I feel better now that I really cut down my texting. Whatever makes me feel good is good, right?

I do text and have conversations everyday but not very much. My notifications for all social media apps are off so.. I sometimes forget about them. I haven’t opened snaps that I’ve received in over a week.

My coping mechanism seems to be not talking a lot.

In daily life

Mum and I live around each other more than live together. It’s mainly because of me and my need for space and alone time often. Both of us can’t go out and take a break from each other, which is causing strain in our relationship.

I consciously avoid arguments with her because I know that it won’t be good since we’re stuck with only each other. Being my mum, she constantly tells me what I can do different or better which really affects me because I’m doing my best.

She can chant or sing devotional songs all day but I’m not going to do that because I don’t believe. That’s that. She has taken this lockdown as an opportunity to get me into devotion and constantly tries to make me do things.

So yeah, I’m not doing great mentally. Because every time I go to spend time with her, she will bring up something that I should do or how I’d trouble her less if I just listen to her. I know that she thinks for my own good but I have my own beliefs. I am 21. The time for listening to everything she says has gone.

Because arguments over religious activities is enough on it’s own, I simply listen to whatever she says otherwise because I don’t have the energy to argue. I’m just hanging in there, y’all.

As for groceries and food, mum goes out about once a week in the morning to nearby stores. We spend at least half an hour after she gets back just washing and everything.

Now we might not be allowed to go out as well, soon, so delivery systems will be put in place by the government. It should have been worked out before itself but better late than never.

The COVID-19 situation

I used to be quite obsessed with keeping updated on the news and reading all the information. In fact, I used to update my friends with the news. A few friends and I have a group called “updates” where we used to just send updates and talk about COVID-19. Anyone who didn’t want to could simply not join/leave. It was how we coped.

That has fizzled out in the last couple weeks. Some friends still stay updated but we don’t talk as much about it on the group. I’ve stopped seeing the news and searching “coronavirus update India” on Google. I have a friend whom I text once every few days asking for any important news.

Basically, now we’re coping by not concentrating on coronavirus updates.

It doesn’t look like it’s going down, though. Three states are in really bad condition and all we can do is hope and do our parts right.

And that’s all I have to say. I spoke a LOT. This post has 2.4k words now. There was a ton I wanted to talk and let out of my chest, clearly.

The total lockdown isn’t ending soon, and there will most likely be stricter measures put in place soon. This is the new normal, at least for some more time.

It’s definitely making completely different memories for seniors in high school and college. My friends who planned to go abroad for masters are not sure if it’s going to happen. There are a lot of uncertainties and we can only take it day-by-day at this point.

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How are you doing? How is life for you, with work or school?

19 thoughts on “How I’m coping in lockdown”

  1. It’s funny because I’ve been the same in regards to texting. When we were first in lockdown, I was constantly messaging everyone to make sure everyone was okay and catching up etc. but now it’s all worn off and I feel so unproductive using my phone, so I’m not really messaging much at all. And weirdly, I don’t really feel like it either.

    Also, about your eyes: I’ve heard that you can buy specific glasses that block out the damaging UV rays from screens. You can also get protective covers specifically for phones, laptops, etc. that do this too. The one I recently heard of was Ocushield. It might be helpful :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one coping by texting less! My friends think I’m so weird.

      I do have those glasses and use them. They worked well for me for the normal usage of screen for the past 7 years. But it’s not working well for this amount of screen time. I’ll look into those covers, thank you! I mostly can’t buy anything now as it’s lockdown (shops, delivery systems are all closed) but I’ll look for it after the lockdown ends 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it’s a weird kind of logic – I don’t even understand it myself!

        Ah okay fair enough! Yeah, now isn’t the best time for shopping… I hope your eyes get more used to the screens 😕 I always find that it’s so much more tiring having video calls than chatting in person.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this! I will definitely be doing this post this week. I like how you serpated all the wee sections cause sometimes I feel these posts all blend together, just like the days haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The limited options and lockdown have not been all bad in my world. I have finished the “last” version of my second novel and found an editor. She has sent the first revision back and it sits in my email as I post. I am a little nervous and resisting opening it by blog hopping. Good post – but I better get to work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Getting into a routine is something I’m struggling with. Working from home has been an adjustment too because it’s as and when they need me at the moment so my days have been filled with looking at a screen with not much to do. Can’t wait to get back to actual work now!

    Trying to be as productive as possible, but it’s definitely been difficult.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Since the lockdown in our country started about a month ago, I’ve been able to adjust to a new normal. It’s good to establish a routine. It gives a sense of stability.

    Reading is one of my go-to-activities as well. Your 2020 GoodReads Challenge – wow! 100! I have a lot of books to be read too but my own GoodReads Challenge is only 15. I’ve only been able to read 2-3 books since this whole lockdown started. I’ve a lot of screentime distractions so I’m not adjusting my reading challenge yet. We’ll see how it goes as the days progress.

    On Netflix, I watch Modern Family. It’s the one I watch now during breaktimes. I’ve only just discovered it.

    As for the news on COVID-19, I try not to watch or read much news now about it as well. I find it induces anxiety. But I am hopeful that we will all come out of this pandemic soon enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s great that you managed to adjust to a routine!

      Oh and I love Modern Family! It’s such a good show.

      We will definitely come out of this better and stronger. Hang in there Liz. Stay safe and healthy 💛


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