Love Lettering || a comfort romance

love lettering by kate clayborn book cover

Title: Love Lettering
Author: Kate Clayborn
Genre: Romance
Category: Adult
Series info: Standalone


Love Lettering had been on my TBR for a short time before I picked it up. I was hooked simply because the female lead’s profession is lettering. The premise sounded exciting too.

I pitched it as a suggestion for my book club‘s March book of the month, and others were in too. So we all read it together last month.


Meg is professional hand-letterer. She does planners, invitations, and tons of other things. Anything that involves designing letters. But lately, she has been losing her inspiration and it has come at a bad time. She has a huge project proposal coming up and she NEEDS to be her best.

Reid’s marriage blew up, and he realizes that Meg knew it. When she was lettering their invitation cards, we highlighted seven words: M-I-S-T-A-K-E. A year later, he’s back to ask her how she knew it.

Through a random suggestion, Reid and Meg start to take walks together so that Meg can find her inspiration again. Through these, sparks between them fly as well.


I really enjoyed this book.

  • The relationship growth was super nice.

Watching Meg and Reid bond and grow closer even though they’re really different was so nice to see. And they bonded over walks where the main goal was to look at different signs and styles, in hopes to reignite Meg’s inspiration.

The relationship growth was slow and nice.

  • The book was comforting to read.

The writing is very soothing. I don’t know how but I instantly felt like curling up with a blanket and reading this. My mood wasn’t great when I started the book but it turned me right around.

  • The detail to lettering was interesting.

I’m a little bit into lettering, but mainly brush lettering. Because of that interest, I found the many tidbits about lettering styles interesting. I even picked up a couple things.


The lettering detail may be too much for anyone who is not interested in the art form. Multiple book club members found it annoying and since it’s how Meg thinks, they couldn’t like the book.

It was interesting to me how Meg related everything back to letters and styles, but I agree that it’s not for everyone.

  • Attention shown to friendship.

In this book, Meg is having a hard time as her best friend (and sister at heart) is pulling away from her. Although Meg has tried to bridge the gap, her friend doesn’t reciprocate. This hurts Meg and causes loneliness.

Some people aren’t the same anymore and relationships can change, even if you try to salvage it. Sometimes you don’t know why it happens. That’s reality and I liked that little supporting plot. It made the book more real because everyone has issues about friendship.

Along with the heartbreak, unlikely friendships were also covered. I really loved that part.

  • Meg’s character was interesting.

She has her flaws and mistakes, and all she wants is to do better. Meg has a habit of including secret patterns in her designs, and no one had picked up on it until Reid. Although she stopped doing it, it was her way of coping with some things. And now she has to constantly hold herself back from adding little touches.

The way Meg thinks was also very interesting. As I mentioned before, she thinks in lettering styles. And it’s not unrealistic, because many times people look at the world in relation to what they’re passionate about. The author has carefully written these comparisons, and they’re fitting.

  • Meg’s career was interesting as well.

I’ve never read a book where a main character works as a professional hand-letterer. Of course, I know that it’s a profession in the real world but I had never seen it in books. This was quite insightful.

Since I like lettering, I was extra interested.

  • Career burnout.

It has been a while since Meg’s career has taken off well, and it has allowed her to stop working in the wedding industry. But working so hard (and having frequent hand sores because of how much she letters) means that she burns out.

I like how artistic and career burnout is shown. It’s very real. Lettering is Meg’s passion that has turned into a career. But keeping up with the demand alone is hard, and burn outs happen.

The way Meg dealt with burn out, especially since she has a big deadline coming up, was nice to read about.

  • Reid was a really nice character too.

He has layers and flaws just like Meg. Reading about him was honestly like I was getting to know him myself.

  • Character growth was A+.

Meg grows. Reid grows. They realize things, they learn, and they become better people. They have their own emotional baggage but how they deal with hardships and emotions in the book was interesting.

The character growth in both of them was subtle, but it was there. I am ALL for people constantly learning from life. And I am definitely here for characters realizing things about themselves. We never stop learning about ourselves.

  • The romance was really nice.

In many romance books, the couple’s lives are suddenly intertwined on everything. This book stood out on that because Reid and Meg are their own people with different paths. They also stand out with individual characteristics.

It was nice to read about.


This book was a sum of it’s parts.

It had multiple really good parts that, put together, make a really nice book. I can’t say that there is this one thing that makes it completely stand out and wonderful, but it’s nice as a whole. It was nice to read.

I wouldn’t say that this book will WOW you or make you feel so hard. It’s not a book having a wow factor. It’s subtle in drawing you in, but will keep you cozy and happy. I read this book in one sitting and stayed up until 3:30am to finish it. It’s good.

Recommended: if you’re looking for a comforting book to to read. Also if you like anything to do with lettering.

Not recommended: if you don’t care about lettering at all and hate too many details.

I rate this book..

4/5 stars

7 thoughts on “Love Lettering || a comfort romance”

  1. So I’m assuming lettering is the same as calligraphy?? Is that right? 😉 My best friend used to do calligraphy full time, so this one really peaks my interest. Great review!

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