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Songs on Repeat // February 2020 edition

This was a month of Taylor Swift, BTS and Kdrama OSTs.

You’ll see what I mean when I share the songs below.

Go away by Punch ft. Chanyeol (EXO)

This is a new song. It’s from the Kdrama Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim 2 which I haven’t watched. I listened to this song mainly because I LOVED another song by these two artists called Stay With Me from the Kdrama Goblin. This song did not disappoint. It’s really good.

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince by Taylor Swift

I didn’t really love this song before the movie came out. After watching her movie Miss Americana, I felt like listening to all her music again. That was when this song grew on me.

Only The Young by Taylor Swift

Huge props to Taylor Swift for writing this song for the young people who were devastated during the American elections. Taylor went off against Trump in this song and tells everyone to not lose hope. Just watching how she came up with this song and wrote it on the movie was touching. The song is really good too.


Yo. Y’all. I CANNOT with BTS’s newest album. I just can’t. This song is so wild and different from what I expected after their last album. But it’s a freaking HIT. Such amazing songs. This one is the title track and it’s honestly way too good.

Friends by BTS

This is a BOP. I found myself listening to this first thing in the last few mornings, and it’s made me want to dance while walking in public multiple times. It’s a happy dance song and I won’t hear otherwise.

We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal by BTS

This is another dance bop that I listen to before/after Filter. This makes me want to dance in public as well. The best part about this song are THE LYRICS. They’ve literally written a whole amazing song as an ode to their fans and ?????? MY BOYS MAKE ME CRY IS WHAT.

Moon by BTS

Of course, I HAD to mention the single by Jin. He’s my forever bias and this song is way too pure and beautiful. I love it. It’s the first song I listened to on repeat from this album.

May be by SEO

This is an old favourite from the My First First Love soundtrack. I found myself listening to the whole soundtrack during the beginning of this month. And I kept listening to it because the soundtrack is so soothing. This is one the most soothing songs I’ve heard.

Human by SEO

Another song from the My First First Love soundtrack. For a couple weeks, when I left home to go to work, I would listen to this first. It’s perfect to start the day with as it brings up your mood and makes you look forward to the day.

Baby Baby by yeop, Eun Ae

This is a FUN song. Right after Human, I’d listen to this. This will instantly bring your mood up and make you feel like skipping when walking. I always have a jump in my step when listening to this. It’s a proper fun jam song.

And that’s it for this month! I know the last three were old favourites but those where what I loved this month. You should definitely listen to them if you haven’t.

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What songs were you obsessed with in February? Recommendsome in the comments!

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