how to consistently blog without tiring yourself out

How to Consistently Blog Without Tiring Yourself Out (Part 2) // Blogging Tips

This post has been long time coming since I posted part 1 back in December 2019.

Blogging consistently while also managing life and studies/work is a collection of routines, well-formed plans, and habits that increase efficiency.

It’s an art and I’m always in awe of the bloggers who put out BRILLIANT content regularly.

Before continuing, I highly suggest checking out part 1 of this 2-part series. Part 1 included tips which all-together make one really good routine to blog consistently.

This post consists of additional tips that aren’t involved in the actual blogging process but still help.

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blog regularly with these tips // blogging tips @ the wordy habitat


I’ve said this multiple times on my blog. The schedule button is SO USEFUL. Are you a blogger who doesn’t use it and still manage to post on time regularly? I APPLAUD you.

For the rest of us, it’s the easiest way to keep on top of blogging. Also, blogging in advance can help you feel more relaxed because you’re not pushed on a deadline.

If you’re someone who loves being ahead of things, scheduling can also make you more motivated to continue to be ahead.

Using the schedule button regularly also lets you have a break sometimes. Let’s say today is Monday and you’ve already scheduled a post for Wednesday. You have until Wednesday to take your time and come up with a great post for Saturday. Or, you can take two days off!


Blogging is under YOUR control. If you’re unable to post on Sunday, let yourself postpone it a day or two. Or take a day off sometimes.

Your blog won’t sink because of one missed deadline. We all have hectic lives and sometimes it’s not possible to post on a certain day. Don’t pressurize or push yourself harder than you can take.

The bloggers who are also perfectionists especially tend to push themselves a lot in order to put up only the best and only on time. Learn to relax sometimes, you deserve it and you need it.

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how to consistently blog consistently without burning out (part 2) // blogging tips @ the wordy habitat


Life is unpredictable and you have to suddenly rush to a doctor on the day when you get most of your blogging done. Or there could be something else which is time-dependent and time-sensitive.

While making a good plan laying down steps to your blog posts is a great idea, it’s also good to allow flexibility in case of emergencies or unforeseen situations.

Don’t pack your schedule with tasks such that there isn’t any free time. That is a certain way to fall behind and feel like a failure when you’re not. Always leave some room in your schedule.

The flexibility will also let you blog when you’re in the mood and are the most motivated. Constantly trying to keep up with deadlines will make you tired. And it will certainly lead to burnout.

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how to consistently blog without facing blogger burnout (part 2) // blogging tips and advice @ the wordy habitat


Blogging is much more than just writing and publishing. It’s also engaging with others, marketing, and analyzing your statistics.

One activity that greatly helps blogging is regularly looking at content. It can be blogs, podcasts, books, or even YouTube videos.

Blogs are the best because it is the most similar to what you do. It is written and read in the same format as your blog. And I suggest reading blogs across niches, not just in yours.

Looking at, absorbing, and engaging with other content will definitely help you come up with new ideas. Reading a post about 10 best books for winter could spark the idea to write one for podcasts. Or you could write a post on the same topic but with your different views.

Try to take out bits of time our of your week and devote it to just absorbing content. If done with just blogs, it’s called “blog hopping”. It could be half an hour thrice a week, or just once a week. Any bit of time will help.


Writing long, well-structured posts is not easy. And most times it takes more than once to make it good.

Drafting a general outline or bits of your post’s content during spare time (like between events on during commute) will help you finish the post fast when you actually write it.

While we’re on the topic, doing any small activity during small bits of spare time is a good idea. For example: responding to comments, sharing your post on social media, or editing pictures.

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how to consistently blog without tiring yourself out (part 2) // blogging tips and advice @ the wordy habitat

Summarizing the points:

  • Make best use of weekends.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself about deadlines.
  • The schedule button is your best friend.
  • Allow flexibility in your plan.
  • Constantly absorb content.
  • Draft posts in your spare time.

All the points that I mentioned above are small things that can make a huge difference. They are not things that set into a proper routine like the tips I told in part 1, but if used well they will be even more helpful.

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how to blog regularly without burning out // blogging tips and advice @ the wordy habitat

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Do you already follow any of these tips that I mentioned? Are there any points I haven’t mentioned but help blogging regularly? Tell me in the comments!

32 thoughts on “How to Consistently Blog Without Tiring Yourself Out (Part 2) // Blogging Tips”

  1. This is really useful. I struggle with consistency to be honest, just because there is always so much going on. (And I beat myself up when I don’t get a post out when I’m suppose to). I need to learn to give myself a break I know, but it’s not easy. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found it useful! And definitely do take a break once in a while. When too many things are going, taking a break is more important than rushing every minute 😊


  2. I love this post – a lot of bloggers can find a lot of value from this, especially when blogger’s block is a real thing! I used to be hard on myself about deadlines. If you can’t meet it, you’re better off spending more time offline pushing off quality content. YESSS on constantly absorbing content. I do that by reading a lot of content from my Pinterest research hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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