Favourite 2019 Bullet Journal Spreads

One of the best parts of using a bullet journal is the flexibility.

You can customize spreads, experiment with any style you can think of, and decorate it however you want. This room for customization allows us to be very creative with our bullet journal spreads.

My 2019 bullet journal is mostly normal spreads with the bare minimum of decoration, since I was busy and focused more on usage than look. But when I did manage to carve out bits of time, I made some really nice spreads that I love flipping back to.

Today I’m sharing my favourite spreads from my 2019 bullet journal, and maybe it’ll inspire you to try something new as well! Feel free to tell me which your favourite spread is in the comments 🙂


quote: "fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself."

This is my most favourite spread. I love this quote and using the scrapbook paper to give a pink backdrop was a really good decision. When I’m flipping through the notebook, this opens up and I always read the quote, which comforts me that it’s the process that matters.


habit and mood trackers

This spread was made when I started to love the colour yellow. For years I’ve hated the colour because it’s too bright and eye-catching, but lately it’s been growing on me a fun and happy colour. The black line offsets the yellow letters well, and the trackers look really good all filled up.


September month at a glance and habit trackers

My September monthly is SO AUTUMNAL. The vibe was perfect for that season, and it’s the only time I went all out with stickers and doodles. It came out super well and I totally forgot to post that month’s setup on the blog, sadly.


monthly log and habit tracker

I tried a new type of monthly setup here. The blue colour scheme, and the lines with mildliners, actually made the spread look quite good.


habit tracker and blog schedule

This is another yellow theme that I did. The style is very similar to the last one, just in a different format. The best part of this is the sticker that says “fearlessly authentic”.


daily to-dos

I’ve seen this style of writing headings many times online and always wanted to try it. This is the only time that it came out really well. I love the look here.


January month calendar and event log

This is my monthly spread from January 2019. While it’s not very great, I love the fairy lights decoration I did on the left. It took very little effort but turned out really nice.

And that’s it, haha. The rest of my bullet journal is a mess because the only focus was on function.

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Out of these, which was your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Favourite 2019 Bullet Journal Spreads”

  1. I really like the yellow mood chart idea, that’s a really good idea lining up with what you’ve done each day and is simple too. Love the colours of the first one and autumn too 🙂

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