Maybe This Time || so adorable

maybe this time book cover

Title: Maybe This Time
Author: Kasie West
Genre: Contemporary
Category: Young Adult
Series info: Standalone


A while back, I was in the mood for a cute book to read in one sitting. YA* Contemporaries are best for that, and Kasie West is one of the best in the genre. Her newest book does not disappoint.

*Young Adult


Sophie Evans works in the flower shop in her town. She wanted to work under the only seamstress but was rejected, and hence she’s stuck doing flowers. The only thing worse than losing your dream part-time job and your ideas not being considered in your new job? An boy to mess up your events.

Andrew Hart is the son of a famous has-a-bad-attitude chef. He is in town for a year while his dad “coaches” the local diner. He is homeschooled, and hasn’t ever been to a real school because of his dad’s profession.

Sophie and Andrew got off the wrong foot, and it seems to continue. Since they only see each other in events that they’re both involved in (Sophie from the flower shop and Andrew from the diner), there is not much scope to interact. This makes them happy in the beginning, but it starts to change slowly.

They have nine events over the year. Nine events to get over their misunderstandings, and possibly fall in love.


This book was TOO CUTE.

First of all, love the concept! The book is told such that each event is a “part” in the book. Obviously things happen between events which we don’t see first hand, but the flashbacks and catching up is done well enough that we don’t feel left out.

The concept brings in a new format to the book and it was super interesting. The intros in every part was a nice touch.

Sophie’s character was interesting. I liked reading through her. She has big dreams. She wants to get out of her small town and go to New York to study design, which the people around her are unsure of. Sophie also has issues with her mom and dad. But the highlight of her life is her younger brother.

We see Sophie doubt herself, learn, and grow. I really liked her character growth through the book. That’s the one thing I look for in all books and it was done well here.

While we read about Andrew only from an outside point of view, he wasn’t neglected. Andrew has his own substantial story and character growth in the book. Andrew has always been a doormat with his father, and defends his dad even though he knows that his dad has flaws. It was nice to see a boy show emotion towards his parents and not rebel like all teenagers do in most YA books.

That brings me to why I liked this book even more. The parents and family were actually involved in the story and not neglected. A huge part of teenagers’ lives are their parents and the parents’ actions. That was brought through in this book so well.

Even though the story is not continuous in time, it flows quite seamlessly with the writing. That was quite impressive. I forgot how Kasie West writes and it was wonderful to read a cute YA book which much more than romance.

But the concept does bring drawbacks. Here it was that we couldn’t learn about any character other than Sophie and Andrew. The concept doesn’t allow for that. But I didn’t mind it. Sophie and Andrew are our leads and we have a good story with them.


This book was exactly what I was looking for, and it shows that you can’t go wrong with Kasie West for YA contemporary reads.

Would recommend: if you’re looking for a cute and adorable story with character-focus, and a light book to read in one or two sittings.

I rate this book..

4/5 stars

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