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Songs On Repeat // Blogmas edition!

Hey everyone!

I usually do this post with all my favourite songs at the end of every month. But because I’ve been doing Blogmas, it’s given me a lot of time to spend listening to more songs while I blog. If I did this at the end of the month it would be way too long.

So, here are all the songs I enjoyed while blogging this month!

Hard To Say Goodbye by Ekali & Illenium

Blogging is all about chill and relax vibes, which is exactly what this song is. YouTube recommended it to me and it’s perfect.

Grand Escape by RADWIMPS

Back when I watched Weathering With You in the theatre, it was a totally different experience. The music, the vibes and everything was so immersive. My friends quickly obsessed with this song, and since we listen to music together a lot, the obsession caught onto me as well.

Trampoline by SHAED x ZAYN

This is another really chill song to listen to. Their voices go well together as well, which makes the song so good.

Make Us Never Happen by SHY Martin

If I ever went on late night drives, this would be playing in the car. But since I don’t, it plays at night when I’m blogging.

we’ve never met but can we have a coffee or something by In Love With A Ghost


I found In Love With A Ghost with this music, and I am obsessed with their work. The music is so good. This one is currently my absolute favourite and I listen to it when I blog or study. It’s perfect to listen to at 5:30am when you’re studying. Speaking from experience.

Nevada by Vicetone

YouTube played this song after Hard To Say Goodbye and the algorithm got the vibe totally right. This one has more beats, but it’s still good EDM to play in the background.

Need Your Love by Gryffin & Seven Lions feat. Noah Kahan

This is the most recent fave. I can’t stop listening to it, and it’s the first song I play when I open YouTube.

Tanto by Jesse & Joy and Luis Fonsi

After finding Jesse & Joy last month, I’ve been slowly listening to much of their music. I absolutely love Joy’s vocals, and it comes out well in this song. I wish they didn’t do the collab with Luis Fonsi because his voice overshadows hers from the second verse, which is so sad.

Corre by Jesse & Joy

This is not the music for blogging, but I listen to it when I’m in the sad mood. It’s a sad song, and the music video shows a sad story too. But again, Joy’s vocals are too good.

Ecos De Amor by Jesse & Joy

This is THE song to listen to for Joy’s singing. It’s so good! I’ve listened to this so many times that I know all the words in it. This is also a sad-ish song, so not great for blogging, but I listen to it other times.

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What songs have you been listening to on repeat recently? Do you already know of the songs I mentioned above?

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