The Knight Before Christmas // Movie Review

My Netflix recommendations are FILLED with Christmas movies.

Christmas is right around the corner, and no matter where I go online, I see Christmas-related content. It’s really nice to see the cheer and happiness spreading around. And the same can be said for streaming services. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of people will be watching Christmas-themed content, and probably binge-watch Harry Potter movies again because they have THE BEST Christmas-time vibes.

So I thought, why not jump in on the wagon and try a Christmas movie. I also had zero patience to spend time looking for a good movie, and just pressed play on what Netflix recommended me. And, because the movie released very recently, I happened to watch The Knight Before Christmas.

But before getting onto the review, what is up with Vanessa Hudgens and Netflix Christmas movies? She was in The Princess Switch last year as well. I never watched that because it looked super cringey and my trusted friends did not like it.

The reason I gave The Knight Before Christmas a go was because I actually liked the trailer. A dashing male lead, time travel and all the cozy Christmas vibes? Sign me up!

the knight before christmas cole
The Knight Before Christmas – Josh Whitehouse – Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer

What was the movie about?

A 14th century knight named Cole is transported to 2019 Christmastime by a magical old woman. She said that he has to complete his “quest” by midnight on Christmas Day if he wants to be a true knight, because apparently you can only be a true knight if you fulfill your great quest. What is his quest, you might ask? He doesn’t know!

Not gonna lie, the quest thing really had me questioning. How are knights supposed to fulfill quests and become true knights if they don’t know their quests? They just keep waiting? Makes no sense.

So anyway, back to the plot. Cole is in 2019 Ohio, in his knight armour. Cole wanders around looking for the old woman, and is super confused about his current surroundings.

Brooke, a high school teacher and non-believer in true love, takes Cole in after accidentally hitting him with her car. She believes that he may have temporarily lost his memory due to which he “thinks” he’s a 14th century knight. Brooke offers her guesthouse to him for the time being.

Love story ensues.

the knight before christmas cole and brooke
Image credit: Brooke Palmer/Netflix

So.. was the movie good?

It depends on what you’re expecting.

If you want a movie with a really good plot, great chemistry, good acting, and thought out details, this not the movie for you. You will hate it.

If you’re looking for a random Christmas movie to watch while being cozy with a hot drink and don’t care what it contains as long as it ends well, this is the one for you.

I watched the movie simply to watch a Christmas movie so I wasn’t very disappointed, especially considering that I haven’t seen many other such movies to compare with. Sure, if I was expecting a really good movie with a great romance, I’d be disappointed. I would have also noted and obsessed over details, but I decided to let it go. Normally, I’m a huge critic but since I didn’t expect much, I’m not really bothered.

My thoughts, in detail:

  • There was NO CHEMISTRY between the couple. The one thing I was really looking forward to was romance, because that’s my current favourite genre, and it sorely disappointed me.
  • The acting was not great. I’m mainly talking about Vanessa Hudgens because I could not see her as Brooke. I just.. no.
  • Josh Whitehouse was highly charming as Cole, and he was perfect for the role. He was awesome.
  • The supporting characters were okay. I wasn’t invested in them.
  • I feel like the writers just had a a great overall idea of the plot, but totally messed up when stretching it for a whole movie. I recognized plot points, i.e. certain parts of the story which are the structure of the main plot. But everything in between was just a mess. And sometimes, totally unnecessary.
  • I hated the ending. It was so cringey, I didn’t even properly watch it. I could not handle that level of cheese. It wasn’t even cheesy at the point. It was just cringey.
  • I think Brooke was supposed to have a character arc, but it was totally flat. I saw no character growth, and I also could not see her as a full-fledged character. She just smiled all the time and went around preparing for Christmas.
  • Everything on screen, at all points, was themed. The colours clearly bring in the Christmas vibe. At every point, there’s some green, red and white on the screen. As far as the set is concerned, the movie nailed it.
Image credit: Brooke Palmer/Netflix

There is one thing that really bothered me. Brooke, in the beginning of the movie, advises a high school student who recently got dumped by a boy that there is no such thing called true love. She says that it’s a fairytale and, in the real world, we have to concentrate on our lives and not hope for our Prince Charmings. At the end of the movie, after falling in love with Cole, she tells the student the complete opposite. The student moved on from her stupid ex at that point, and was being told that there is true love.

I was waiting for Brooke to say something like “true love will come at some point, and you will know it. Don’t worry about your ex, he’s not the one.” But instead she was basically telling the student to go back to her ex, or go back to being heartbroken? It came off like that. And that got me super annoyed.

Okay so.. skip the movie?


I don’t have much to compare with, and it STILL fell short. I’m sure that if I was expecting a good movie, I would have hated it so bad.

I say skip this movie. It’s not worth it. The only good part of the movie is Josh Whitehouse as Cole. If you want only eye-candy, you can go for it. Otherwise, nah.

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What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Have you seen The Knight Before Christmas?

3 thoughts on “The Knight Before Christmas // Movie Review”

  1. I thought the movie was kind of funny in ways that these kind of Christmas movies rarely are (thanks to Cole’s medieval mannerisms), but overall, as you said, it’s not great. I also thought that Cole looked like 19 and Brook was like 30 so I just did not root for them at all.

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    1. I agree, Cole’s mannerisms and confusion was pretty funny. But he was the only part of the movie I actually liked haha. I actually didn’t think about that age difference thing, but now that you mention it.. it was kind of like that lol.


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