December ’19 Bullet Journal Setup

It’s the last month of the year… and the decade. It’s also a super busy month for me.

My bullet journalling in November started after half the month passed because of my medical emergency, but I haven’t been totally back to bullet journalling since then. Now that I’ve setup my December bullet journal, I expect to be back to full planning swing!

I have my finals this month, and I’m also doing Blogmas* so I needed my bullet journal to be easy and efficient. I decided to not be elaborate and stick to what has been working for me, and made sure that my monthly spreads are low maintenance.

*A blogging event where we blog every single day from 1st to 25th of December. So make sure to follow me in order to not miss any posts!

The first thing I decided was to go back to a yellow theme. I did a yellow theme a few months back, and the spreads looked bright and fun. I loved opening up my bullet journal. It made me happy, and I really need some of that positivity this month. Hence, yellow is back!

monthly cover page and

I kept to a VERY BASIC first spread. What I love about this spread is that it allows enough space for decoration, in case I feel like it later. I also get to see the monthly calendar view, Sundays to Saturdays, which I always refer. The right side gives ample space for writing down multiple events. Here I’ve done it so that my finals and academic dates go on the left and everything else goes on the right.

I meant to stick a washi tape or doodle on the empty space on the right side, but I left it for another day. Didn’t have time to do much when setting this up.

habit tracker and blog schedule

This habit tracker, while a little unconventional since it runs vertically and looks a weird due to the labelling, actually looks pretty good when it’s all finished up. Plus, it’s super easy maintenance. What I mean by that is, I don’t have to put too much effort in making the spread look nice. I just mark every day and by the end, it looks good on its own.

On the right, I have a much needed blog schedule page. It’s just the dates and days running down, with area to write down blog posts against the dates. I’m using pencil to write everything in case I want to switch up things. I considered making a ideas spread as well, but I already did an impromptu one when considering doing Blogmas, so I left that out.

I really like the way it turned out with the “perfectly authentic” sticker and “blog” letters over it.

Oh and I cranked up the brightness to mostly hide my schedule for the month haha. Keep an eye out on this blog because I’ve planned for some really good content!

expenses page

And as always, I have an expense tracker. I’m super happy with the way the lettering turned out here. It’s a style I should do more often.

And that’s it! I find that I’m so much happier with simple and fewer spreads to manage. This is why I’ve started to only keep the spreads that I really will use or look back at. Gone are the days when I tried elaborate spreads after copying what I see on Instagram or Pinterest. Efficiency is key now.

How is your December going to be? Busy? Full of celebration and fun? Tell me in the comments!

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