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I’m doing Blogmas!

It’s officially December!

Can I please ask where the year went? It feels like yesterday when I was freaking out about 2019 because of the hectic college schedule. I was worried about studying for placements and interviews. February 2019 me was desperately hoping that she’ll be able to get a job and get through this year.

And then, we’re here today. Wow. I knew this would be a busy and fast year, but I wasn’t prepared for it to end so soon.

To end the year, and the decade, with something special I decided to do Blogmas!

What is Blogmas, you ask? The blogging community has 2 big things. One is Blogtober, where bloggers blog every single day of October. Another is Blogmas, where we blog every day leading up to and including Christmas Day. It’s basically a huge blogging party. We blog, visit other blogs and just do a whole lot of talking, and make friends etc. It consumes a lot of time, and involves quite a bit of work, but it’s super fun.

I did blogmas once back in 2016, which was my first year of blogging. There was SO MUCH talk about it, and tons of bloggers were planning on doing it, so I decided to do it as well. I had a lot of fun then. It fell right with my finals of first semester of college, but I managed and loved it.

This year, I actually wanted to do Blogtober. I’ve never done it before but October is always my busiest month in college. It falls right in the middle of the semester, and it’s the time when I’m falling behind on everything. Sadly, I couldn’t do it this time as well.

I didn’t initially plan on doing Blogmas but hearing Charley decide to do it despite her finals being at the same time, I threw caution out the window and jumped in. I have my finals this month as well, starting on 3rd. It’s my second to last semester of college! Wow, this blog has seen me grow through college.

gif of a man typing really fast.
Me typing posts blogmas posts because I need to study ASAP

This year’s blogmas has me quite pumped. I actually spent a whole evening making the blog post header you see on top. I tried out many pictures and layouts, asking my friends for their opinions. The header turned out really, so I’m happy about that. I will be using it for every post in Blogmas, to tie it all together.

Blogmas is all about Christmas and cheer, and most blogs post mostly Christmassy things. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I won’t be posting Christmas-related posts. Mine will be more general posts, quite like what I already blog about, but just every single day. I’ll try to make a couple Christmassy-posts but that’s hard for me since I have no clue about it lol.

That’s the one thing which separates my blog, and one I’m quite worried about, to be honest. I know that everyone wants to read Christmas-themed blog posts, and mine won’t fall into that bracket. I’m really hoping that it won’t be much a deterrent with my participation in the event, though.

In order to keep myself motivated to blog consistently through exams, I made a small blogger support group for blogmas on Twitter. All of us will basically motivate each other and talk about blogmas things. Fingers crossed they keep me accountable for this haha.

Make sure to follow them all because I’m sure they have some really nice content planned:

Anyway! Make sure to keep coming back here because I will be posting every single day until the 25th. I have a lot of nice blog posts planned, even though they’re not Christmas-themed. Stay tuned!

Talk to me

Will you be doing Blogmas this year? How are you feeling about 2019 ending soon? Tell me in the comments!

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