Rafe || what a great romance book

Title: Rafe: A Male Buff Nanny
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Genre: Romance
Category: Adult
Series info: Standalone


I was introduced to this book by Olivia @ Stories For Coffee on Instagram. She highly recommended this, saying that every romance lover should read it. I immediately checked it out, and I got hooked in by the synopsis. A book where the traditional male and female roles are reversed, features people of colour, and has cute kids? Count me in!


Rafe is a live-in nanny, and has been in the job stream for several years. He doesn’t look like a traditional nanny, with the beard and tattoos and the size, but he’s a great one. Rafe has a knack for working with kids and likes helping families function. But he’s currently at a stage in his life where he wants his own family, and is considering switching job streams.

When a Dr. Sloan Copeland is in dire need of a nanny ASAP, and contacts Rafe, he agrees with the idea of working for her for only a year. And he has decided that he will work on getting his own life straight and figuring out things during the time as well. What he wasn’t ready for, was the sizzling attraction to Sloan. And he especially wasn’t ready for it to be reciprocated.

With Rafe living with Sloan and her twin six-year-olds, it doesn’t take long for their chemistry to break down walls and throw out rules. But will they give in and have a future, or will it go up in flames?


This book was so good, y’all!

First of all, THE CHEMISTRY. I could not get enough of Rafe and Sloan. There was attraction right from the start, and it kept building even though they confessed it and decided to keep things professional. But obviously, that was not meant to last.

Second, the whole plot was really nice. I was hooked onto reading and finding out more right from the start. The romance, Sloan’s issues with her ex-husband, the cute and troublesome twins, and Rafe’s family all brought the plot together very well. I really liked that the plot wasn’t one-dimensional, with the focus on only the romance. There were many other small plot points and anecdotes as well.

What I loved the most was how the two main characters handled their attraction and, later, relationship. It was all done thoughtfully and in a mature manner. I usually see romance plots that are stupid simply to add drama so this was refreshing. I was truly reading about two mature, responsible, and thoughtful adults. Not adults with teenager brains and hormones.

The writing was hella engaging. Right from the first line, I relaxed and dived into the book. In fact, I read the book in ONE sitting. I didn’t feel like taking a break or even looking up. The story had me gripped in that wonderful world and I didn’t want to leave. The writing is the biggest reason why I enjoyed the book so much.

And of course, the twins made the book so much more fun! I absolutely loved reading about Avery and Addison. Smart and troublesome six-year olds with their own personalities and who are not used to just increase the cuteness? Love it.


I absolutely loved the book, and writing this review has made me want to reread it. (That’s bad, I have many books on my TBR that I need to get to.) I loved every single thing about the book, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT for romance lovers. I’d say give it a go even if you’re just meh about romances because it’s a good one.

I can’t wait to read more books from the author, because I need some more of this awesomeness!

I rate this book..

5/5 stars

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