My Top Ten BTS Songs

I’ve been an ARMY since Epiphany released and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s been a year and a half, and while I don’t keep up with everything BTS*, I manage to know the highlights. It’s the only band that I’ve consistently been following. Usually, I move on to others pretty quickly. So yes, BTS is damn good.

*let’s be honest, it would take every minute of every day because there is SO MUCH happening with BTS. That’s not counting the backlog of BTS things to be updated on.

I’ve been wanting to make a post about my favourite songs by BTS for a while now. I just want to talk more about these AWESOMESAUCE songs, okay?! And I’m totally inviting more discussion and fangirling about BTS.


My #1 song by BTS will ALWAYS be Epiphany. It’s the first song by them which I REALLY liked, even though I had heard a few before. Epiphany’s lyrics, tune, and Jin’s voice sealed the deal for me.*

I highly recommend this song if you haven’t heard to it, even if you don’t like BTS or Kpop. Read the lyrics as well. I love the self-love in it.

*fun fact: Jin is also my bias. He has always been, and I’ve just liked him more and more from the beginning.


If you’re an ARMY, I think you will agree with me that Spring Day is on every ARMY’s top ten songs. It’s too good a song. It gives sad feels, nostalgic feels, hopeful feels, and some other feels that I can’t even name. I get into a specific mood every single time I listen to it, and I NEVER get bored of it. Spring Day is a must-listen BTS song, in my opinion.


This song, y’all…. what a great song. If you don’t know, this is a Japanese song by BTS. And IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL. I could cry. What a great song. I don’t have words for it.


Another song about self-love like Epiphany, but with much different vibes. It’s very hopeful and cheery, and I just love listening to it. It never fails to make my mood better. Love Myself is the song to listen to every day just to set the mood of the day. It adds a spring to my step, I kid you not.


This is a song from BTS’s latest album Persona: Map of the Soul and it’s just B E A U T I F U L. I love the vocals, and I even love the rap. I’m not someone who usually likes rap but they way BTS raps alongside the vocals is so nice. I became obsessed with Jamais Vu right from the first listen.


I won’t lie, fast-paced songs are usually not my favourite. Even if I do like them, it’s short lived. Mellow songs are more my type.

That said, there’s something addicting about Dionysus and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. Every time I’m remotely in mood for fast paced songs, I listen to this. It hypes me up so much lol. I feel ready to take on the world after listening to it. I feel badass.


I actually didn’t like this song much the first time I heard it. I even played this on Superstar BTS multiple times and didn’t become attached to it. But then one day, I suddenly found myself singing it and I couldn’t recall it’s name! I typed the lyrics on youtube and got it, and that was when I started liking it. It barely took a few listens for me to love it.

Now, I absolutely love the song. I’ve taken to listening to it after Crystal Snow.


The only other fast-paced song on my favourites is Run. I can’t tell you why, but I just love it. Right from the video showing the friendships and BTS’s alternate universe story, to the beats, to the lyrics. I love it.


This song is part of the album mono by RM, one of the members. First of all, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS ALBUM’S THEME?? The vibes, the titles with only small letters and no spaces and the tunes… wow. RM is brilliant. He’s my #2 BTS member.

Second, I just love the hope given by this song. Everything goes, everything will be okay. What a wholesome song. I listen to it whenever I need a slow pick me up. Just something to get me through the day or night.


I like listening to this right before sleeping. It always makes me calm and slows me down, which is perfect for night time. I also listen to it when I want to cry or when I’m sad, because that’s the exact vibe of the song.

Bonus favourites!

Yes yes I know I said 10 but there are a couple more songs that I just HAVE to mention. They deserve it.

Young Forever with the sad, regretful, and yet hopeful vibes. Perfect for millenials lol. I resonate with it so much, even without the lyrics. Just the tunes and the voices. The melody. I love it.

This is a SAD song. I usually only listen to it when I’m sad or about to cry, because it evokes those feelings in me. And it’s not a good idea to listen to it when happy haha. I love the lyrics, though. The melody, the rap and the lyrics go so well together.

And those were my top ten BTS songs!

What are your favourite songs by your #1 band? Share your BTS favs with me in the comments as well!

8 thoughts on “My Top Ten BTS Songs”

  1. I have a friend who LOVES BTS. Her fave is Jimin. I’ve not heard their music yet, but watched some of their videos with her and I must say, they’re precious. Usually vids of them doing games. One was at a water park type place. Another at a mall, where they were hunting gift card type things.

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  2. Glad you picking epiphany as number one, cause she is really good! Epiphany was sitting on my number one spotify last year ✨
    p.s my number one bias is Jin 💜

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