October ’19 bullet journal setup

Hi y’all!

I’m quite excited to show you my setup this month because I put some effort into it and made it look good.

Before setting up, I was going through Instagram for inspiration and found @bulletsandconfetti. She is doing an origami theme this month along with a few other people, but I just took the paper planes idea. I’ve never tried a paper plane theme before so I had fun doing it this time!

This is my cover page, which is quite simple. I really wanted to make some use of my washi tape since I don’t use them much so I put that too.

Next is my monthly log, along with main tasks/goals, and my habit tracker page. I actually REALLY love how this turned out. I love it.

Next, I kept my basic expense tracker and basic blog planning/scheduling page. (You can see that I decided early on to post my bujo setup today!) I doodled a few paper planes and added color to make the spread pop a little.

Lastly, I made a page for the Autumn is for Asia readalong, just like I did last month! To the right is how I started my dailies, with a cute cat sticker and regular lettered heading.

And that’s it for this month!

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Did you decide to try anything new this month? Tell me in the comments!

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