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The Sunday Post // what a busy week

Hey everyone!

I have SO MUCH to tell y’all today. It has been a VERY BUSY week. I actually lost track of days. On Friday, I thought it was Wednesday. I lost sense of time and days. It’s been pretty hectic.

In fact, I’m writing this in the middle of the night. I’ll tell you why further in the post.

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer for updating our readers on our past week.


I had my last two tests on Monday. Our tests had been going on for over a week and I was ready to be done. One was good and the other was okay-ish. Just glad that it got done.


It’s very generous to say “day” because it was only a few hours after our last test, but we did chill out. A couple of my friends and I went to a tea place nearby called “Infinitea” and tried a tea flavour called Tropical Delight. It was pretty good. It was an experience. The tea was bitter/sour in the beginning and as I reached the bottom of my cup, it became sweeter. The last sip was very sweet.

We were too broke to afford the food in that place so we headed out and had some good street food. It had been long since I had street food so that was cool too.


I headed to another city for just a day with my mum and uncle. We had to do some pooja (religious ritual) for my maternal grandparents who have passed away. It was damn tiring and I had absolutely no sleep.

We took an overnight train there, did the pooja through the day, and took an overnight train back. We also had to fast until the ritual was done so we didn’t eat until 3pm, by which we were COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED and I just wanted to come home. Oof.

We reached back home at 7 in the morning, after which I actually decided to go to college. Yes, I know. How stupid. No sleep for two nights (I can’t sleep well in trains), and I decide to go to college by 8:30am. But yeah, I did that.

I was super exhausted by the end of the day.


If you have been following me for over a year, and reading my life updates, you might know that I organized a couple hackathons. We decided to have another, and better, one this semester as well. And we chose this weekend.

We went bigger this time and kept the hackathon for a total of 42 hours! The hackathon started on Friday evening and will end this afternoon.

As I’m writing this, it’s 2:12 am because I’m staying overnight at college. The event has been going for about 30 hours now and everyone’s TIRED. The participants and the organizers. Everyone’s sleepy and exhausted. It’s seen on our faces. We can’t wait to go home lol. We need proper rest and proper sleep on actual beds. Many of my friends aren’t able to speak in proper sentences anymore.

I’m glad that this hackathon is going much better than our previous two, though. We actually improved. I wasn’t totally involved this time since I decided to step back and focus on other things. The rest of the team did a DAMN GOOD JOB. The event is going pretty good. There are a few problems, as always, but they’re manageable.

We just had a very tiring mentoring session which ran from 4:30 pm to 12:00 am. No I am not kidding. 50 teams, 5 mentors, and each had to talk to at least 3 mentors. That ate up time like nothing else.

We, the organizers, actually planned to have a small session of mock pitches so we can help the participants with their pitches. It was supposed to start at midnight but because the mentoring session ran VERY long, we scrapped it from the schedule for now. We may do it later but it depends on whether we have energy. (I doubt we will.)


Any free time I got in the nights, I either blogged or I worked on my project with my friends. I admit, I couldn’t do much because of the trip and the hackathon prep, but I did help a little bit. I found pockets of free time for that. Even if I wasn’t doing actual work, I was THINKING about it and that was enough to make me more tired. And we only had to make a presentation this time! Imagining the amount of work we have coming up… sigh.


I’m getting a new phone!!!!!!!!!!

I’m REALLY in need of one, y’all. My phone is horrid in terms of battery, has a very slow processing speed, and I don’t know how I’m surviving with this camera. My main problem is the battery and processing, though. I click tap an icon and have to wait for a bit for it to open. It’s annoying.

My dad offered to get me a new phone and I JUMPED on the chance. I spent a couple weeks scoping out phones and taking suggestions from people. The Samsing M30s released in my country on 18th Oct, and I was sold. 6000mAh battery, y’all. That had me sold.

One of my friends has the same phone as me and is facing the same issues as me. He really needs a new phone as well so both of us decided to get the M30s. We’re going from being Moto G4 plus buddies to Samsung M30s buddies, lol.

The phone went on sale TODAY at noon for Amazon prime customers, and we both were WAITING for it. We were worried that it would sell out fast because it’s a brilliant phone for the price. Almost too good to be true. Hence, we were on the Amazon page from 11:50 am.

The phones are arriving today sometime and I. CAN’T. WAIT. The anticipation is real. I really hope it arrives after I get home today evening because I don’t know how I will hold myself back from running home for it.

I honestly can’t wait to not carry around a power bank and not charge my phone at least twice a day. The one thing I’m SUPER excited about is a better camera. I’m getting a 48MP primary camera which is AWESOME. What an upgrade.

I think I’ve written enough in this post, so I won’t talk about the books I read this week. I don’t think it was much anyway.

I’ll probably need a whole day of rest after this week to re-energize. I haven’t caught up on my missing sleep, and I’m not sleeping a wink tonight. I’m actually quite energetic now since I’ve decided that I’m not going to sleep. If I make up my mind in advance, I can manage. (In fact, I didn’t sleep during the last hackathon as well.) Mondays classes will most likely be missed. I. need. sleep.

How was your week? Did anything monumental happen? Tell me!

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