September ’19 bullet journal setup

Hey everyone!

September marks the beginning of Autumn in many areas of the world. I don’t actually have Autumn because it gets overshadowed by our Rainy season. It just rains every evening and also at random times during the day.

I love the concept of Autumn though. I always see such nice Autumn aesthetics online. So I tried to make this month’s spreads Autumn-y. I just wanted orange and brown.

I’ve always wanted to get real creative with doodles, but never had the time to spend doodling on a spread. I had some this month so I just went for it. I also have a lot of stickers lying around so I added stickers in the free space here. The space was looking very empty before but it looks good now.

You might notice that I didn’t leave much space for monthly events and that’s because I’ve noticed that I barely have things going on during the semester with my classes, so I highly cut down on space. If I do have any important events, I’ll bubble the day and write nearby with an arrow. The notable dates go below the box, like I’ve written one now.

I actually really like how this spread turned out! The habit tracker goes vertically down. For the days that I did a specific thing, I would X the date next to the activity written.

I’m going to be participating in a read-along for three month starting now so I made a whole spread for it. I’ve never really tried to keep a TBR because I’m a huge mood reader. But I wanted to join in on this read-along because it’s centered on Asia and it also has many books which are already in my TBR. This might just give me the motivation to read them sooner.

I used a blog schedule last month after SO LONG and it actually helped! So of course I’m doing it again this month. There was a lot of empty space below on both pages so I just tacked on a few cute stickers that I’ve been dying to use. I did leave some space on the read-along page in case I had comments to write later on in the month.

My last spread is my ever-present one. Tracking my expenses has become a habit now and while I’m not fully using it, I’m glad to do it because I know that it will be handy when I start earning and have taxes etc.

Please excuse the right side page because I wrote a blog post idea there and it’s gotta stay a secret. Shhh!

With that, my bullet journal setup ends for this month! You might have noticed that I didn’t do a mood tracker this time. I just don’t feel like having it and I don’t truly glean any information from it right now. Hence, I decided to scrap it.

Do you like the colours of Autumn, or any other specific season? What do you think of them in my setup?

7 thoughts on “September ’19 bullet journal setup”

  1. Wow, I love this! The color scheme, the theme. I especially love your habit tracker. I’d like doodle more as well in the future and maybe incorporate that leafy vine doodle into a mood tracker of some sort in November. Have a nice September! ^_^

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