Songs On Repeat // September 2019 edition

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Hey y'all! I'm blogging from my phone right now and it feels SUPER WEIRD. I didn't bring my laptop to college, and I found ZERO time in the last few days to blog. The reason I'm settling for blogging on my phone is because I'm trying really hard to keep to my goal of blogging… Continue reading Songs On Repeat // September 2019 edition

10 Books I HAVE To Read This Fall

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This is probably the first time that I'm posting a TBR on the blog because I usually don't set TBRs for a specific time. I know I won't really follow through, since I'm a HUGE mood reader. That said, I actually do have quite a few books that I HAVE to read this fall. And I'm pretty sure I'll get to them, hence the confidence to make a TBR.

The Sunday Post // cheat days and good books

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've been having a great day so far. I'm spending my Sunday trying to study for my tests tomorrow. The first test tomorrow is on Advanced Computer Architecture which has tons of complicated diagrams and while I have photographic memory, there are just too many diagrams to keep track of… Continue reading The Sunday Post // cheat days and good books

The Poppy War || gruesome and compelling

There has been so much hype for this book online since the time it released. I added it to my list and was waiting for the paperback's price to go down so I can own it as a physical copy. Sadly, it never went down.* I finally caved and got the ebook just in time to participate in the Autumn is for Asia read-a-long happening on Instagram. The Poppy War is the buddy read book for September, and it gave me the motivation to finally read this tome.

The Sunday Post // exercises and League of Legends

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It's Sunday again! It's also almost over, for me. I meant to blog yesterday or this morning but I just didn't feel like. Instead I spent my time doing other things, which I'll talk about below! The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer where we update everyone about our… Continue reading The Sunday Post // exercises and League of Legends

Things I Could Do Instead of Reading

Reading is my life. Books are what define me, at this point. I've been reading hardcore since I was in 6th grade, which was 10 years back! I've read so many books, and I've learnt so much from them. I'm known as the reader amongst my friends. Sure, there are a few others who read… Continue reading Things I Could Do Instead of Reading

Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Hey y'all! It's been a long time since I've done any tag. Tags are super fun to do, and I quite miss it. I saw this tag over at The Orangutan Librarian (you should follow this blog because I always see such good content) and immediately wanted to do it. So, here we are! RULES… Continue reading Book Blogger Confessions Tag

The Sunday Post // books and so much Netflix

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Happy Sunday y'all! It's been a hot minute since I did a Sunday Post. It's one of my favourite kind of posts to do because 1) it's easy to write about my life and 2) it's almost like free writing. My words just flow most of the time. The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging… Continue reading The Sunday Post // books and so much Netflix

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine || brilliant main character

Title: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineAuthor: Gail HoneymanGenre: Contemporary FictionCategory: Young AdultSeries info: Standalone Goodreads I found this on Instagram, like I seem to find every other other book nowadays. And like usual, Instagram didn't let me down. Trigger warnings: depression, suicide, PTSD, alcoholism SYNOPSIS Eleanor Oliphant's routine is set. She works all week, spends… Continue reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine || brilliant main character

Is blog hopping important for your blog? // DISCUSSION

One of the most debated topics in the blogging community, specifically the book blogging community, is blog hopping. There are many questions about it. Do you HAVE to blog hop? How much? How often? Is there a right way of doing it? And is blog hopping important for your blog to grow? Blog hopping is the act of visiting multiple blogs and commenting on their posts. Usually, the term is used for when you spend quite a bit of time doing this. For example, when I start to blog hop, I spend at least 20 minutes.

September ’19 bullet journal setup


September marks the beginning of Autumn in many areas of the world. I don't actually have Autumn because it gets overshadowed by our Rainy season. It just rains every evening and also at random times during the day. I love the concept of Autumn though. I always see such nice Autumn aesthetics online. So I tried to make this month's spreads Autumn-y. I just wanted orange and brown.