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Favourite Book Tropes!

Hey y’all!

I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday post, and this one is really good! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is Favorite Tropes (a trope is a commonly used theme or plot device).

I don’t have 10 favourite tropes so I’m going to talk about my 6 favourite tropes, in order.

[1] Best Friends to Lovers

I absolutely LOVE this trope. It’s adorable to see characters who have known each other for years and truly know each other, develop feelings and deal with it. I love this trope the most because it obviously has proper relationship growth, and it’s the farthest thing from insta-love.

Recommended books:

[2] Hate to Love Romance

On the other hand, hate to love romance trope is the most hilarious and engaging. It’s very entertaining to see the characters exchange insults and hate on each other and, due to some situation that throws them together, end up falling in love.

Recommended books:

[3] Fake Dating

I think you can understand from my top three choices that I’m a huge romance junkie. I really enjoy romance books.

Fake Dating is another highly entertaining trope. It’s also very swoon-worthy. Two people decide to fake date to achieve whatever goals they each have, and end up truly liking each other through their “dating”.

Recommended books:

[4] Secret Baby romance trope

So, this is one that I somehow ended up liking after coming across it in a book. After that, I just went on trying to find more books with this trope.

The secret baby trope is essentially: two people fall in love and/or sleep together. They separate for some reason and the woman finds out that she’s pregnant. Either she can’t contact him, or she decides not to. Both of them are still in love with each other, though. Years later the man finds out and everyone has to cope with the situation. This brings the man and woman closer again as well. It’s also super cute to read about the babies/kids.

Recommended books:

[5] The Cinderella trope

Although I haven’t read many books that do this well, I just really like the idea. I always have. I’ve watched every Cinderella movie and tried to find good Cinderella books. Even though I’ve read only a few, I still love this trope.

Recommended books:

[6] Hero hidden away from the magic world

This is just so cool to read about in Fantasy books. A hero who thought they were normal suddenly find out that they’re meant to do great things and get thrown right in the middle of a revolution and/or a war. Great stuff.

Recommended books:

And those were my favourite tropes!

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Do you have any favourite tropes?

18 thoughts on “Favourite Book Tropes!”

  1. I love that you included examples because I’ve basically been asking for examples all morning on other posts lol! I agree about the Cinderella retellings (or really any fairy tale) I love reading all the twists and spins on beloved stories. My favorite trope on your list is definitely fake dating though. The tension and swooning is just the best!!!

    I went a totally different route this week and devoted my TTT post to red reads. Feel free to check it out here:

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  2. I feel like I should apologize for shouting but I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TROPES. All of them! No joke, every last one and YES, just yes. I love friends to lovers–I didn’t think to add that to mine but dang it’s such a sweet spot!

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  3. yes! hate to love! ugh I’m basic but that is such an A+ trope, and I’m way more likely to ship a couple if they started out as enemies/are enemies with a bit of sexual tension. I also love that you gave recommendations for each trope! From Lukov with Love is on my tbr, and I’ve actually read a couple pages of it, and it’s pretty good so far 💖

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