Fumbled || healthy relationship ftw

Title: Fumbled
Author: Alexa Martin
Genre: Romance
Category: Adult
Series info: Book 2 of Playbook series but can be read as standalone


At this point, I’ve actually read this book twice. I was looking for books with the secret baby trope* and I found this one after a LOT of searching. And I’m so surprised that it’s not higher in the secret baby book lists. It’s really good! And not just in the trope, or in the romance. It’s kinda all-good. I’m now a fan of Alexa Martin because of this book.

*basically, there’s a couple. maybe due to a misunderstanding or something, they break up/separate. girl finds out she’s pregnant later, and isn’t able to tell the guy or chooses not to. one fine day, guy finds out. things ensue.


Poppy Patterson is the single mother of nine year old Ace, and she works in a nightclub to provide for him. When she found out that she was pregnant, she wasn’t accepted by her parents or her long-term boyfriend TK. So she moved across the country to live with her aunt, who took her in and helped her. So far, she’s been having a good-enough life with a great son, good tips and an awesome best friend.

TK Moore is living his dream. He plays in the NFL, is rich and is super popular. Many have tried, but no one has come close to his heart like Poppy, and hence he keeps himself away from all women. TK is the funny and easy-going friend to everyone.

By chance, TK and his team come to Poppy’s nightclub and they meet. This leads to them confronting what truly happened 10 years back.


  • P O P P Y P A T T E R S O N

This girl is AWESOME. I absolutely loved her. She’s funny, charming, and a really good mom. I loved her conversations with her friends and her son. I just enjoyed reading about her and following her.

Poppy is also a genuinely good person. She supports other women and is not catty. She knows when she looks good and slays everyone. I really liked reading from her perspective.


This book has am amazing girl squad. These women are brilliant on their own, and are really good friends despite being wildly different. They share GIFs in their group chat, swear by wine bottles and support each other to death.

It was go nice to read about them. I just.. I really love them. I especially loved Sadie, Poppy’s best friend. She’s the best.

If you come within three feet of Sadie, you can expect to find glitter on you for the next five months.

Sadie actually carries glitter around with her.
  • The romantic relationship was healthy af.

And by healthy, I mean true communication existed. Poppy and TK considered the other person’s perspective and were mature in their decisions. They have their flaws but worked really well together. I did not find any problematic aspect in their relationship.

It’s sad that my standards are so low, but this is the reality.

  • I learnt about the negative impacts of football for the first time.

I’ve read so many books where the male leads played in NFL but none of them spoke about how football ruins lives. The players are more prone to CTE and ACL. I never knew what CTE was before reading this book. But it’s something that football players usually develop because of the violent sport.


I really enjoyed reading the book, both times. It made me happy. It’s a good book. Right after I finished it the first time, I read book 1 of this series called Intercepted, which was also really nice.

If you’re looking for a good romance with strong characters, pick this one.

I rate this book…

4/5 stars

15 thoughts on “Fumbled || healthy relationship ftw”

  1. I really loved this book. I actually read the first two in the series back to back and am now desperately awaiting the third! I agree I found Poppy awesome and loved her supportive girl circle!

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