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if we were having tea… // 13-08-19

Hey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted a life update and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I have a lot to tell y’all. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be talking more than usual and will ramble a lot so bear with me.

If we were having tea… the first thing I would tell you about is MY JOB. If you’ve read my last chatty post, you would know that I was heading into job tests and interviews. I was super nervous.

Well, guess what? Ya girl now has a job in line for her to start right after she graduates next year! Yeah, I know, it’s weird to apply for jobs a whole year in advance but India is weird and things work differently here.

The first company that I sat for did not take me. We had totally four founds to get through, which included a test, a group discussion and two interviews. It took place over one day so the day was looong. After each round the number of students narrows down. I stayed until after the last round and got rejected. I was so disappointed and sad. By the time I left for home, I had been at college for 12 hours, and I was hungry and tired.

I took the rest of the night off to wallow in disappointment. I also took the next day off because my cousin came to visit us and we took him around the city. When I finally did have the time to study for the next company, I didn’t feel like it at all. I did not want to be rejected again. I texted an SOS to my friend and asked him to somehow convince me to show up the next day. Thankfully, he managed to convince me. (Thanks smn!)

I showed up the next day much less nervous than I was before. I was ready for disappointment this time around, and hence was calm. I also had some confidence because out of the 150 students who applied last time, I was in the last 15. So I knew that I can do it again. And I did!

The second company had a test and two to three interviews, varying for different people based on the impression we made during the first interview. I’m totally gloating here but I had only two, and I was super confident after the second one that I would get the job. I was right.

7 other students got offers along with me, including two of my friends. The team from the company who came for the recruitment process even took us all out for dinner and drinks! It was 8pm by that point and all of us were starving. It was such a good day. The team looked super chill and fun to be around. I really liked the vibe. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like working with them. I’m super excited.

happy dance gif

If we were having tea… the second thing you’d find out about is my lack of motivation recently. My whole plan for this month was just study and attend tests and interviews. But suddenly, I have my whole month free.

There’s this rule that I can’t apply to any other company through my college-organized drives unless the company offers at least some amount more than my current job offer. And for every company that fulfills that rule, my gpa is too low to be eligible for it. It’s a hard place to be.

I checked the schedule and I’m not eligible or any other company coming this month. I suddenly have my whole month free and I DON’T HAVE PLANS. I usually make plans before or I write down what I need to do. I did not keep any other plan intentionally because I wanted to concentrate on getting a job. And that got done by the 5th of this month.

I spent a coupled days chilling and being happy. By the third day, I was BORED. I’m a productivity-oriented person so I can’t sit doing nothing for long. Even blogging and reading doesn’t feel as productive because I’m used to studying and doing assignments all the time. It’s been a while since I truly got a vacation without having anything to do.

Thankfully, plans for the next BTS movie came up (more on this later) and I had a two-day festival at home so I could keep myself a little busy. But now that both of them are done, I’m again staring at a totally free month without plans yet. And by plans, I mean ones that get me out of the house. I do have things to do, but they can be done at home as well. I can’t stay at home for days together if my mum’s at home as well. I’m not used to it.

I’m considering going to cafes with my laptop and books some days if I’m really desperate to get out. But I’ve never done that before and.. I’m just not an outgoing person. Arghh. Someone volunteer to spend time with me, please.

falling face down onto bed gif

If we were having tea… you would hear me gush about BTS and their latest movie, along with what I did on the day of the movie. BTS’s third movie Bring The Soul started playing in theatres in my city from last Wednesday but I was able to go with my friends only on Sunday.

First, let me tell you about the movie. It was really nice. It followed the band through a part of their Love Yourself tour in the US and UK. It was kind of like their first movie, Burn The Stage. We also saw clips of some performances. But my favourite parts of the movie were when we got to see them interact and have fun. At the end, they added a whole bunch of funny clips which made us all laugh.

Every time a BTS movie plays in theatres, ARMYs all over India host a ton of activities. The Bangalore ARMYs usually have flash mobs, meet-ups, and some ARMYs even sell BTS merchandise. We turn the movie days into event days because we are starved for BTS events.

For the last two movies, my friends and I got a few BTS badges and sold them at the location we went to. They actually sold like hot cakes. We did the same this time as well, but with totally new designs. We made badges of BT21 (cartoon characters that BTS members made up) this time, along with two of BTS. Totally, we made 300 badges containing 11 designs and sold them that day. It was pretty tiring since we ran around all day and sold in three different malls.

the badges that we made this time
the badges that we made this time!

We also made a few freebies with BTS photos, a polaroid marking the date and a quote. Since we had only 51 of them, we had ARMYs play rock paper scissors against other ARMYs whom they’ve never met before in order to win a freebie. It turned out to be quite fun! It also got people socializing more.

I meant to take pictures of the badges on that day for Instagram but totally forgot in the process of selling. It was a good day, though. I’m glad that we got to meet other ARMYs, who are generally really sweet and eager to meet other fans.

picture of BTS on a stage

If we were having tea.. I would tell you that I have a TON of BTS merchandise now! None of it is official merchandise, but still! Honestly, I am not sure what I’ll even do with all of them. Along with some photos that I got printed and some of our badges, there are a ton of things which I got as freebies from other ARMYs over the three BTS movies’ days. One of my friends has made a BTS shrine in her home, with one whole wall dedicated to BTS photos. And she has a LOT of them.

I’m not someone who will put up pictures of celebrities on her wall and make a shrine or anything. I may put up some, but definitely not many. So I’ve decided to give some of my stuff to another ARMY friend of mine, whom I know from school. She mentioned that she doesn’t have any merch and was unable to watch the movies and get freebies, so I’m giving her mine. I’m sure she will love them much more than I will.

all my BTS merch!
all my BTS merch!

If we were having tea… you would find out that I finished listening to my first ever audiobook. I’ve tried audiobook once previously, with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I stopped that very soon but I do think it’s because of the book.

This time, I listened to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid on audiobook, and the experience was so-so. I really liked the book, but I definitely would have finished it faster had I read it. I’m not an audiobook person. I love listening to music when doing things so it took me around 3 weeks to finish the book.

I read The Poet X on my Kindle but people told me to try the audiobook since it’s really good. I did try, but I found that I liked my own voice when reading the book and stopped listening pretty soon. Audiobooks are nice for some situations but I don’t think I’ll continue my subscription after this month. I’d much rather read and listen to music or podcasts.

This post has become really looong. I did warn you beforehand, though. Thanks for sticking with me until the end! I’m tired after writing so much and don’t have the energy to proof-read through this. I’m sorry for any typos that exist!

What would you tell me if we were having tea right now?

12 thoughts on “if we were having tea… // 13-08-19”

  1. First of all, congratulations. I’m glad you found the job where you feel like at home! πŸ˜€
    See? Best interests πŸ™‚ (In reference to my post)

    Next, I KNOW WHAT THE FEELS LIKE WHEN YOU HAVE TOO MUCH FREE TIME BUT NO MOTIVATION TO DO ANYTHING (omg too many caps words). I’ve been loitering around and going to college for no good reason. I’m hoping someone comes home and pulls me out for an adventure too. ;-; I’m just not the kind that can eat out alone.

    Yep, I can totally relate. Audiobooks are just not my thing. It’s not about the speed of it but.. Idk. I just prefer reading books (softbound) over any other form of reading books. I tried the Harry Potter audiobook (after I’d read it) just to see what it was like and a few minutes later, I realised I couldn’t do it.

    It was a great read, Sumedha πŸ˜€

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  2. Congrats on getting a job!I I relate with the I-should-be-busy-but-I’m-not feeling: this is my last summer where I’m not working, and I’m just at home all the time, and I’m kind of losing my mind, haha! Thankfully, school starts up in two weeks, and that’ll give me way more than enough things to do!

    Liked by 1 person

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