August ’19 Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve officially been bullet journalling for three years!

I started it in July 2016, but stopped halfway through the month (it was experimental). Then I started in August 2016, and haven’t stopped since. I cannot believe that 3 whole years of my life are cataloged with detail in a few notebooks. Every doctor’s appointment, every expense, and tons of journalling pages show who I was for three years. I bet that if I read through all my journal entries, I’d see how I’ve changed.

Anyway! August is going to be a totally new experience for me because I’m sitting for interviews and applying for jobs for the first time EVER. I’m so nervous.

month's dates and events

I went back to the colour yellow because I just love it in my bujo. I added black outlines to make the letters more defined and it looks so good! Why have I never done this style before?

habit and mood trackers

I tried something new with my trackers as well. I don’t really like it so empty but maybe I’ll like it when it’s filled? We’ll see.

aug bujo spread 3 with expense tracker and blog schedule

I stopped doing blog schedule spread for a while because life just wasn’t letting me plan for my blog. In fact, I am writing this post at 10pm because I set that it has to go up today. I’m already struggling to keep with the schedule. Aargh. I hope I’ll be able to stick to schedule.

placements spread

This is a totally new spread! It’s about my placements and what interviews/tests I have on what days and what priority they are to me. I just needed everything on paper so I could get to action without scrambling with my plans.

I quite like my spreads this month. I always like changing up things. I’ll mostly be posting more of my spreads on my Instagram during the month, so make sure to follow me there to see how things progress!

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Do you bullet journal or maintain a journal? Do you have any plans set for August?

8 thoughts on “August ’19 Bullet Journal Setup”

  1. I used to keep a journal a few years ago, but I don’t anymore. In between my blog, work, and way too many hobbies, I just simply don’t have the time for it anymore lol.
    As for the job interviews: don’t be nervous: be yourself. That is what always works best. I have had a lot of people apply for a job at my company, where I also held a few of the interviews. Usually the people that act naturally and don’t give all those “perfect” answers, are the ones that end up getting hired. So really: have faith in yourself, and act naturally! That’s what will work best. And of course: good luck! 😊😊 Fingers crossed 🤞

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    1. Thank you for the reassurance! I had my first placement drive (with an online test, a group discussion and two interviews) and I actually made it until the last round but got rejected after that. I’m taking it in stride, maybe that company was not meant for me. I’m hopeful for this week’s drives though!

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  2. I find that so cool to be able to browse back in your bujo to get a peak at who you once was!

    Your spread for tests and what to study is such a good one; although I can’t use it now as I don’t study anymore 😅 but it’s quite smart!

    I’ve just started my Bujo a year ago, so im still a begginer at this.

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    1. Thank you! And yeah, it’s really cool to go back and see. Oh that’s great! Although at this point I guess a year doesn’t qualify as a beginner anymore? You’re one of us now 🙂

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  3. I love your spreads!! My accent color for my August spreads is yellow too, and I’m LOVING it!! It’s just so cheery and happy and makes me happy whenever I look at it! I really like your placement spreads in particular! I might have to steal that idea and modify it some, haha!

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