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if we were having tea… // 21-7-19

Happy Sunday everyone!

I first saw this post over at Cotton Candy Book Witch, and I loved the idea. I’ve since seen it in many other blogs, sometimes with the coffee version. I want to get back into posting casual posts talking about life and other things, and this is the perfect way to do it.

Since I’m going to turn this into a series of posts, I spent way too much time deciding whether to go for the tea or the coffee version. I like both unbiased, but I feel more relaxed and chatty when having tea so I went with that. I usually only drink coffee for the taste (caffeine doesn’t work on me) and it wouldn’t be my drink of choice to have during a casual chat.

If we were having tea… I’d tell you that I’m currently sick. I have a cold and throat infection, and I seem to be on track for getting these every month. I didn’t go to college yesterday, preferring to stay and home and recuperate because I have many important dates coming up. I can’t afford to be sick and unable to talk.

If we were having tea… I would talk about having breakfast out this morning. I woke up early and went on a breakfast date with my mum to the nearby club restaurant. It was really nice. We sat outside with trees around us, birds chirping and butterflies flying around. The sounds from the dining hall (where many other people were sitting) were muted, making up the perfect ambiance.

If we were having tea… you would hear me talk about doing better at blogging after several months. For the past few months I had posted only 5 times and there was a month when I posted nothing, too. But this month I’ve managed to post more and I’m happy with my content. My blog is getting more views as well.

If we were having tea… I would talk about loving the Youngblood album by 5 Seconds of Summer. I had heard only Youngblood (the song) from it before, and found it okay then, but now I’m LOVING it. My favourite songs are If Walls Could Talk, Youngblood and Ghost of You. Ghost of You sounds like a song which would totally fit in with One Tree Hill‘s soundtrack. In fact, the first time I heard it, I actually had One Tree Hill scenes running in my head. It brought back nostalgia because I used to love OTH.

If we were having tea… I would say that I did a test to check my thyroid recently. My TSH levels are at an all time low. It was 0.01 last time I tested (Oct 2018) but now the result shows <0.008 which means it was so less that they couldn’t calculate accurately. In my worry for my autoimmune disorder and my swelling which I spoke about in my last life update, I neglected thyroid and it shows. Sigh.

If we were having tea… you might have noticed that the swelling on my throat has gone down significantly. That’s because I went back to homeopathic medicine (which I trust and which works for me). After only a month of taking the meds, the swelling has gone down enough that I wear my hair up in a bun again, not trying to hide it. Alopathy/”English” doctors told me that there are no medicines and I HAVE to do a surgery, which will leave me with a long scar. I didn’t want to go for surgery in a hurry just yet, so I tried homeopathy again and I’m so glad. Even my friends around me notice the difference.

If we were having tea… I wouldn’t talk about Kdramas and that’s because I have stopped watching them. Not only them, I haven’t watched anything in a long time. I don’t have the mood to sit and passively watch something. I have many shows lined up but don’t feel like watching them just yet. And I’m not sad about it. It means I have time to spend on better things, so that’s good.

If we were having tea… I would talk about being nervous for the upcoming month. My friends and I have placements, meaning companies will come to recruit almost-graduates. We will have a bunch of tests and interviews for every company. I’m nervous because my GPA is not good enough for really good jobs, and I’m still unsure of my skill sheet. Will what I know so far be enough? My batchmates are all studying and doing courses, practicing coding, and doing a bunch of stuff to upskill themselves while I seem to be stuck worrying about my health half the time. I know that I’m good in some things, but not enough and not at all of what’s expected.

If we were having tea… I’d say that I have taken out more time this month to blog hop and work a little on my blog besides posting. I’ve visited so many blogs recently, and commented a lot. I forgot how nice it feels to read blogs. One night when I had to study but didn’t feel like, I adopted a quiz-read blog-repeat routine and it truly helped! I would take a quiz for a topic that I needed to know for next day’s test for around 20 minutes, and take a break for 10 minutes visiting blogs, and move on to another study topic. I should do things like this more often.

If we were having tea… I’d mention that my aunt came to visit us. She arrived last month and is staying until tomorrow afternoon. It’s really nice to have her around because I really like her, and my mum has company to go out and stuff. But it’s also not that great because she talks a LOT. Meaning, she doesn’t ever stop. And I hate that. It gives me a headache. I feel bad for this but I’m glad I have college so I don’t have to listen to her all day. I’m a quiet person who doesn’t like to talk all the time. I need peace and space.

If we were having tea… you would have found out that I’m feeling discouraged about Instagram. My stats are at an all-time low, and my engagement is almost nothing. I went back to my posts till the beginning of this year and noticed that my stats and engagement have been going down since then, no matter my theme and content. It discourages me that no matter what I do, it’s not liked by people. I’m even considering giving up but I love bookstagram too much. I don’t know what to do anymore.

If we were having tea… I would say that I took a cheat day from my gluten-free diet yesterday! My best friend’s birthday was yesterday hence I planned to take my cheat day so we could celebrate together. I had a couple small pieces of cake and pizza with my best friends.

What would you tell me if we were having tea (or coffee) right now?

6 thoughts on “if we were having tea… // 21-7-19”

  1. If we were having tea…I would tell you that I just came back this week after an almost three month hiatus from blogging, and that I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope things will improve for you healthwise. I would also tell you to have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and not worry too much about your GPA. If this blog you made can only tell you one thing: it’s that you have some mad skills😊But since we are not having tea: I’m telling it to you here in the comments section. Please take care, and as I said: believe in yourself: You are good enough! 😊

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  2. If we were having tea I would want something nice to eat.😉
    I would tell you I’m in too deep in the kdrama craze by just watching 7 if them.
    I’d be happy your health is getting better and tell you to hang in there.. thyroid disorders take a lot of time to come to normal but they do.. 😊
    We’d definitely gossip about the people who need to be gossiped about.. 🙄
    And yeah! You’ll do just fine in your interviews.. don’t worry! I mean be nervous and all.. no one can help that but be just a little confident as well!! 😁

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    1. Hi Maitii
      Well, I’d be disappointed if you stopped Kdramas at just 7. Keep watching. Just yesterday, I got a college friend to try Kdramas with Kill Me, Heal Me lol.
      I’m sure you’re right about my health, but I guess I can’t help but worry.
      Girl, I miss gossiping. I have a reputation in college of no-bullshit so I don’t gossip with anyone and at times it gets so BORING.
      Thanksss. I shall try.


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