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My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors // Top Ten Tuesday

We all have authors whom we love and trust, so much that we’d buy their books without a second thought.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s topic is “Auto-Buy Authors”. I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday post in so long because none of the topics seemed to interest me. I’m glad I can finally get back into it!

Without further ado, let’s get to my auto-buy authors!


I’ve been a total Cassie Clare fan since 10th grade when I first read The Mortal Instruments series. Ever since then, I’ve read almost every book that she’s released. I actually picked up The Red Scrolls of Magic recently without even reading the synopsis. I just knew it was about Magnus and I went ahead to read it.

Favourite books by Cassandra Clare: The Dark Artifices trilogy.


Christina Lauren is a duo of authors who write under one pen name. I’ve been their fan since reading their book Roomies, followed by Autoboyography. I loved both of those books but made the connection that they were written by the same authors only later. Once I realized, I went on a little reading spree and read a bunch of their books.

Favourite books by Christina Lauren: Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, The Unhoneymooners.


My first Marie Lu books were the Legend trilogy in 10th grade, which was about 6 years back. The books were on sale on Amazon and I bought them impulsively. I was so excited to read them because they were in the dystopia genre, but couldn’t read for a while as the books got delivered in reverse order!

I think I fell in love with Legend about two chapters in. Not kidding. Ever since then, it’s only been uphill. I can count on Marie Lu for great books.

Favourite books by Marie Lu: Warcross, Legend trilogy.


I’ve been an avid Sophie Kinsella fan since reading the Shopaholic series. I think I read those books during… gosh, 9th grade?! I went to the library and randomly picked up The Confessions of a Shopaholic from the romance section. I didn’t even check what section I was in, to be honest. I used to randomly pick up books then.

The auto-buy thing actually happened, though. When I went to the bookstore at the beginning of this year, I saw My Not So Perfect Life on display and immediately bought it. I didn’t even read the synopsis. I just added it to my buying pile.

Favourite books by Sophie Kinsella: I’ve Got Your Number, My Not So Perfect Life.


OKAY SO. PENNY REID IS AWESOME. I absolutely ADORE her books! The first book of hers that I read was Neanderthal Seeks Human. And it was SO GOOD that after I finished it, I started rereading it immediately.

After that, I devoured the rest of the series within a week. Now, whenever I’m in need of a good romance, I get one of her books that I haven’t read yet and it never fails to make me happy.

Favourite books by Penny Reid: Neanderthal Seeks Human, Dating-ish


Both of Angie Thomas’s books which are currently out have had a LOT of hype. And all of that is deserving. I LOVED The Hate U Give. It made so much impact on me.

After On The Come Up released, I randomly visited the bookstore when waiting for someone. I saw the book on display and I immediately bought it. I wasn’t even planning on buying anything that day! But I couldn’t help myself and I’m glad I bought it because it was really good.

Favourite books by Angie Thomas*: The Hate U Give, On The Come Up

*yes I know only 2 books by her are out but I love them both!


The Kiss Quotient had a lot of love in the online book community when it came out, but I somehow never picked it up for a while. One day it was free on Kindle (!!!!) and I was so lucky that I grabbed it in time. I started reading it the next day and LOVED IT. The Kiss Quotient is honestly one of a kind.

I read The Bride Test as well, recently, and it was so good. Helen Hoang is definitely an auto-buy author.

Favourite book by Helen Hoang: The Kiss Quotient.


Okay okay, I KNOW that she has only one book out, but that book was enough to put her on this list! Red, White and Royal Blue was SO GOOD. I CANNOT EVEN. It has a lot of hype and it is completely deserving of all the love. I will buy her next book without a second thought.

Favourite book by Casey McQuiston: Red, White and Royal Blue.


The first book of Zapata’s that I read was From Lukov, With Love. I found it on the New Adult new releases page on Goodreads and picked it up only because it follows Figure Skaters. I was super intrigued about that. But within no time, fell in love with the characters.

After that, I read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me which is her most popular book, AND IT BLEW ME AWAY SLOWLY. I did not even realize when I got so invested in the book but at one point I look up, and realized that I was a goner.

I also read Dear Aaron and Wait For It, which are both spin offs from the above two books and really them too. Mariana Zapata is really good at slow burn romances.

Favourite books by Mariana Zapata: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, From Lukov, With Love.


I read my first Alexa Martin book only a month or so back but I’m already a huge fan. Her books are so engaging. Awesome plots, strong characters, and hilarious dialogues make the perfect romance books.

My favourite books by Alexa Martin: Fumbled, Intercepted.

And those were my ten auto-buy authors!

P.S. some honourary mentions whom I forgot before: V.E. Schwab who is QUEEN, and Alice Osman whose books are a gift to us all.

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Who are your auto-buy authors? Or most favourite authors? If you’ve also done this week’s TTT, put your link the comments!

22 thoughts on “My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors // Top Ten Tuesday”

      1. Lol I have an ARC I have to finish and then I’ll be onto the Unhoneymooners, then another ARC, then Fumbled, you see the pattern🤪

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  1. Casey McQuiston I feel, could easily make it onto a list like this in a couple years for me. Loved her debut! I also went through a huge Sophie Kinsella stage although I haven’t read any of hers for a couple years now. The older Shopaholic books will always be faves tho.

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  2. OMG, I just finished reading Red, White, & Royal Blue and holy crapppp, it’s so worth the hype. It made me so happy and I love how you included the author on your list!
    Also, I need to read more Christina Lauren, because everyone keeps raving about their books. The only book I read by them was Roomies.

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