June Bullet Journal Setup

Hey y’all!

We’re officially almost at half of 2019. I cannot wait to be done with June so it’ll mean that I’m almost done with my finals, but I’m also dreading the next academic year.

Anyway! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shown y’all my bullet journal setup. I’ve kept my setup really simple for this month since I only have exams as the main events, and am not planning on concentrating on other things.

First are my monthly front pages. I tried to make “June” a little fancy but it’s just meh. And on the right is my “snapshot” of the month, which I filled out after I took this picture. It’s just so I can see the most important events in one glance.

front pages

And then, I made habit and mood trackers. I’ve kept the style of my habit trackers the same for the last few months, and it still works for me.

I added in a mood tracker after a couple months without it because I had quite a few emotional ups and down last month. I also expect it this month, so I wanted to keep track of it. Sometimes, just knowing that I’m continuously sad and seeing the proof makes me determined to find out the cause and either fix it or deal with it better.

habits and mood trackers

And then, like every month, I have my expense tracker which has not changed in format or style for a long time. It’s arguably the most adult-ish thing I do and also one that I really value.

bujo expenses page

(Excuse the hidden part. It has some things that I can’t share with y’all.)

And that’s it for my setup this month!

Also, I did a bullet journal flip through video for the first time ever. It’s on my Instagram which I’m embedding below so you can watch it!

I’ll be back soon with another post! Have a great week!

Do you have any cool plans for June? Tell me in the comments!

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