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10 things that make me pick up a book

Hey everyone!

There are many different factors that contribute to us picking up anything, be it clothes, books, stationary item etc. I never really thought of what makes me pick up a book until now. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is things that make you pick up a book and it made me sit back and think about why I pick up books. I’m really looking forward to reading other bloggers’ takes on this as well.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl.

The 10 things that make me pick up a book are, in order:

[1] The cover

Book covers make a HUGE impact on how we see the book. Whoever says that they never judge a book by it’s cover is lying. All of us like aesthetic and beautiful things, whether we want to be that way or not. At this point, I accept that book covers play a HUGE role in me picking up the book.

If the book has blue or pink on the cover, I’ll at least give it a second glance. If the book has a pretty font, I’ll consider it. If the book has cool art on the cover, I’ll pick it up.

The cover makes a lot of difference for the book.

[2] The author

I’m way more likely to pick up a book by an author who’s works I’ve liked or an author who is very popular in the book community.

I picked up My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella in the bookstore immediately even though I didn’t even know the book existed, nor did I know it’s synopsis. I bought the book because I know I’ll like any book by Kinsella.

In another instance, I had to choose between Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami and What If It’s Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli at the bookstore one day. After a few minutes of deliberation, I went with the latter, just because I knew Albertalli and I’ve heard a lot about Silvera.

Hence, the author matters a lot.

lady midnight picture
I bought this because it’s my Cassandra Clare but it’s cool cover doesn’t hurt (:

[3] If it’s recommended by a friend/someone I share favourite books with

I always consider recommendations, especially if it’s a real life friend. Even if I don’t read the book immediately, I at least add it to my TBR.

The two people whose recommendations I take highly are Maiti and Nisha, two of my friends in real life. Maiti once recommended Every Day by David Levithan, which I hadn’t heard of, and I read it immediately. I really liked it! So yeah, I trust readers whom I’m close to.

[4] The hype

I don’t always fall for the hype, and even if I do, it’s not immediately. But I do try out the popular books to see what’s so great about them. I’ve read many great books this way, and I’ve also read books which I hated.

The hype is a funny thing. Sometimes I really wonder why everyone absolutely LOVE a book, and other times I totally understand and add to the hype.

In conclusion, the hype matters. If a book is really popular, I’ll at least see it’s synopsis in Goodreads.

[5] The Synopsis

This is obvious. It’s so low in my list because the synopsis isn’t always written well. I’ve seen a TON of romance books which have synopsis written like:

I saw her.
I loved her.
She broke my heart.

I hate such synopsis and it turns me off so bad. There are many books whose synopsis is just random sentences that don’t give any clue to the story. There have been several instances when the synopsis has turned me off the book.

Synopsis matters but only when it’s written well so that I know what the book is really about.

open book with tabs

[6] Reviews by bloggers I follow

I’m very picky about who’s opinions I trust, though. Only if there have been many books in common between me and the blogger do I really consider their reviews. Other reviews make a smaller impression on me. I actually check out the books on Goodreads and add them to my TBR if I trust the bloggers.

Bloggers who’s opinions I take into high consideration:

[7] Blog listables

This is similar to #6 but just a little different. I really like reading listables and usually get most of my TBR books from the listables. And by listables, I mean posts such as “My favourites books of 2018”, “My top 10 Romance books” etc.

No matter the blogger, I always like seeing their listables posts and check out books from the lists that catch my eye.

When I’m looking for listables, I usually just go through Top Ten Tuesday posts. This blogging meme is my favourite listing meme.

[8] Blurbs by other authors

If the book I’m considering has been blurbed by an author I like, I will at least read the synopsis and consider adding it to my TBR. My favourite authors will have great taste which matches mine, right?

I would immediately pick up a book if it has been blurbed by:

  • Victoria/V.E. Schwab
  • Penny Reid
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • Cassandra Clare
  • Colleen Hoover
A Darker Shade of Magic, and Warcross

[9] Negative reviews

Some times when I think the book is getting TOO much love and that it’s too good to be true, I look for negative reviews on Goodreads.

This actually makes a lot of impact on me. If the issues pointed out in the negative reviews won’t bother me, I go ahead to read the book. It has even happened that I’ve picked up books just because there are so few negative reviews, but strongly-worded ones, so I can see whether the negative reviews are right.

[10] If it’s on sale

This usually doesn’t influence me to pick up new books, but it has happened a couple times. I would only do this if there aren’t any books that I want on sale or if I have money to spare.

What makes you pick up a book? Do we share any? Tell me in the comments! Also feel free to link your TTT posts 🙂

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