It’s In His Forever || short romance

it's in his forever book cover

Title: It’s In His Forever
Author: Shelly Alexander
Genre: Romance
Category: New Adult
Series info: Book 5 of Red River Valley series, can be read as a standalone.


Red River’s most eligible bachelor has been keeping secrets…

Flight medic Langston Brooks has built a good life for himself in his hometown of Red River. He’s got it all—a close-knit group of friends and family, an exciting career on a life-flight helicopter, and ridiculously good looks that have made him one of Red River’s most eligible bachelors. The only thing missing is someone to share it with.

His secret lover for the past decade isn’t a forever kind of girl. Not with a tarnished reputation over something she didn’t do, and it’s still following her. Now that she’s brought an international winter sports event to Red River, it’s her ticket out of town. She can finally make a clean break as soon as she collects the nice payday that’s coming her way. The only problem with her plan is she’ll have to leave Langston behind, too.

After keeping their relationship under wraps for years—at her insistence—she finally breaks it off with Langston for good. Moving on alone is best for everyone, especially Red River’s sexy flight medic, who doesn’t deserve the baggage from her troubled past. When they’re forced to work together to make the event a success, can she keep up the pretense that she doesn’t love him anymore? Or will she finally give in and become his forever love?

Return to Red River–where the nights are cool and the romance is hot–in this sexy novella.

Find out who hot alpha flight medic, Langston Brooks has been seeing on the sly for years. After keeping their love affair a secret for a decade, will they finally get their happily ever after? 


Note: I received a free e-copy of the book in return for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.

It’s In His Forever is a short book about two people who love each other but have kept their relationship a secret for over a decade.

Sandra has always been blamed for the con act that her father pulled before leaving town and she has lived with it without revealing the truth. She has never been trusted by the townsfolk due to that incident.

Sandra doesn’t want to reveal her and Langston’s relationship for fear that he will be treated with mistrust only because he is with her. Langston has always gone along with it but is now done. He wants to show off Sandra and his relationship—if people can’t accept it, they can look away.

I found the book unimpressive. The plot wasn’t special or specifically unique. I wasn’t intrigued by it and, hence, wasn’t reading the book with interest. As the book was short, I wasn’t able to connect with any of the characters as well.

I also didn’t find much depth in the characters. I could describe the main characters in one line each, and that takes away any interest I could have in them.

Sandra was very boring. After all the amazing female leads I’ve read about, she falls very short. Sandra is stubborn about her decisions, refusing to budge, but I saw her give way easily suddenly. That completely turned me off. She wasn’t constant.

Langston was the typical charming alpha male who is loved by everyone. Langston was such a cliche and I could pretty much predict every move of his. I was never surprised and hence I never looked forward to reading more because I vaguely knew what would happen.


It was just okay. It was a short read with no highs and lows. If you’re invested in the series, you may like it, but I’d suggest skipping this one otherwise.

My rating: 2/5 stars.

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