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The Sunday Post // I’m sick right before finals wow

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been exactly two weeks since my last blog post and I have no excuses. I just did not have the mood to blog. I guess I was in a slump but I didn’t really try to blog as well so who knows.

My finals start on the 27th and I had study holidays or, as I like to call them, partial vacation. I took complete advantage and just chilled all of the days. I went out a lot, slept a LOT, and just relaxed.

I did try to start studying on 20th but that didn’t work out. I finally did start studying on the 21st but gUESS WHAT. I fell sick that evening.

I took a nap for about an hour because I had a headache and I woke up with a cold and throat infection along with the headache.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds. I’m taking them but as usual my body isn’t good with immune things or healing things so I’m still pretty sick.

I’m tired and sleepy and my head is muddy and I do NOT want to study. I did try to study yesterday but I did barely anything. I didn’t even try today.

I really hope I can study properly tomorrow because as per schedule, I have to start tomorrow for the final on 27th. Until now I’ve been doing a little prep for further subjects. Key word little which means VERY little.

Moving on..

Goodreads challenge update

In the beginning of the year I had set my challenge to 150 books, which was lesser than 2017’s 200. I was optimistic.

Around September I was feeling less optimistic. 5th semester had put a LOT of my schedule and I couldn’t think of much more than classes, assignments, projects, and my online course. I fell behind on blogging as well.

So I reduced my goal to 125. I reached that goal easily since I was already up to 120 books when I changed my goal. After that I was reading whenever I got the time.

Now I’m actually up to 150 books! I’m not changing it back, though. Meh.

Highlights from the past two weeks

  • I went out 4 days in one week!

And I mean PROPER outings. This is huge for me when all I want to do is stay at home and hole up with my books.

I went out with my friends for dinner once, which was super fun. The second was a bookstore visit after which my best friend and I tried out a new restaurant.

Third was to decorate a friend’s room for her birthday and it worked out SUPER well! The decor looked awesome when we were done. I also stayed over at her place that night. We gave her another surprise around 2am when we took her up to the terrace and had her set off a flying lantern! That was really nice.

Fourth was that same day when a bunch of friends and I went out to a new place for lunch to celebrate two of their birthdays.

All were really good days and I’m so glad I didn’t decline any of them.

  • I got out of my reading slump!

For a while, my reading slump was really bad. I was trying to finish up my projects and report and study for my lab finals that I just didn’t have the time to read. It became a slump later because I didn’t want to read even when I had the time.

I got over it, though! All credits go to the BRILLIANT Queen Of Air And Darkness by Cassandra Clare. To anyone who hasn’t read The Dark Artifices trilogy, I definitely recommend it.

I’ve also been on a romance kick since then for some reason.

  • I finally listened to songs by Billie Eilish.

I’ve been hearing only good things about her music but I never actually sought out her music. I was binge watching videos by the React channel and came across a react to Billie’s songs and that was what finally made me to check out her songs.

I’m currently playing Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid on repeat because it’s just too damn good.

Okay that’s all I’ve got.

I’m considering this post good enough considering I just got back after a slump. I know I won’t get time to blog during finals but I will be back after that. Miss me, and wish me luck!

What are some highlights of your week? Do you have any plans for Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // I’m sick right before finals wow”

  1. Omg I hope you get better, it sounds awful!!! I have a cold too lol but it’s not so bad cause it just messed up my voice hehe
    You read 150 books? Maybe they’re not as many as 200, but they’re still a lot, and that’s what’s important! I haven’t read near as many as you. And you can always beat that next year 😉
    Looks like you had some amazing 2 weeks!!! I’m happy for you!

    Good luck with everything!!!!!!!
    Merry blogmas!

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