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Songs on Repeat // November ’18 edition

Happy December everyone! I didn’t get a lot of blogging done in November but I did listen to a lot of songs. I admit, almost of them are Korean. Now that I’ve discovered them and started to love them, I’m just venturing more into that world. 

Don’t Cry by SEVENTEEN

First up is this really nice song by SEVENTEEN. A friend of mine made me watch the dance practice video (which is really nice) and this popped up in my YouTube recommendations. I listened to it and I can’t seem to go back to the original version. I love the acoustics.

Shine by Pentagon

missemmareadsalot posted a story on Instagram about being obsessed with this choreography and I checked it out immediately, only to become obsessed myself. I love that song is kinda funny and the coordination of the group is brilliant.

I didn’t like the song immediately but after watching the video a bunch of times, the song grew on me. I also made many of my friends watch this video and they loved it as well. One of them said that the first steps look like bharatnatyam (an Indian dance style) and I can’t un-see it now XD

Runaway by Pentagon

While I liked Shine, I didn’t purposefully look for more songs but Runaway played on auto play one day and I was HOOKED. This sounds more like their style. I don’t like the dance practice video that much though. My favourite part of the song is Yuto’s rap which comes near the end. And it’s only about 30 seconds, which is sad because I WANT MORE. I do agree it’s not easy getting a bigger part with 12 other members in the group.

Right after I got into Pentagon I found out that E’Dawn, one of the members whom I like because he raps well, left. This was due to some personal issues but oh well.

everythinggoes by RM (BTS)

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention songs from RM’s mixtape “mono” in the last songs on repeat. But I did carry the love for the playlist well into this month. My favourite has to be everythinggoes because.. I just love the vibe.

seoul by RM (BTS)

Another favourite from the mixtape is seoul which is SO NICE. I love every single song from the mixtape but these two stand on top of the rest for me.

Crystal Snow by BTS

The last song, and one that I’m still obsessed with, is Crystal Snow by BTS. The vocal and rap line KILLED IT in this song. It’s in Japanese and all 4 of the vocal line sound like angels. I especially love that Jin got a big part in this song, and he sang beautifully. (Jin is my bias)

What songs did you listen to on repeat last month?

7 thoughts on “Songs on Repeat // November ’18 edition”

  1. Oh yay Seventeen! They’re one of my favorite groups. Have you checked out their most recent comeback with Oh My? It’s a great song and the choreo is amazing.

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