The Sunday Post // I’m sick right before finals wow

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Happy Sunday everyone! It's been exactly two weeks since my last blog post and I have no excuses. I just did not have the mood to blog. I guess I was in a slump but I didn't really try to blog as well so who knows. My finals start on the 27th and I had… Continue reading The Sunday Post // I’m sick right before finals wow

BTS Burn The Stage experience

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Annyeong everyone! I'm starting this blog post as I watch Melon Music Awards on another tab, where BTS has already won 3 awards. I think it's safe to say that I'm now an ARMY, although I still don't feel like I'm one because there's so much about BTS that I don't know. I know this… Continue reading BTS Burn The Stage experience

Life Update // rambles rambles my schedule is in shambles

Hey everyone! It's been forever since I've done a life update post, especially since I started doing "The Sunday Post" where I just talked about the past week's events. Warning: this post will probably be highly unstructured and is simply like a sit down talk. I'm really in the mood for something casual right now, and don't feel like drafting it and revising it etc., so yeah.