November Bullet Journal Setup

Happy November, everyone! It’s the month of Diwali and I’m STOKED. I get FIVE WHOLE days of break from college and I have big things planned. And by big things I mean finishing my projects for this semester. Much excite.

I didn’t do a bullet journal setup post last month because

  1. I was too busy to blog regularly in the first place and
  2. I didn’t even find time to take pictures of my journal.

Lately, I’ve been finding lesser time for my hobbies and it also affected my bullet journalling. I completely lost track of my habit trackers last month and I opened the journal only once in two or three days.

I also didn’t find time to do a pretty setup for November. So when I had a small amount of time, I decided to do my setup super fast. I gave myself 15 minutes to do a simple and efficient setup for this month. I limited myself to two pens and just started setting up with no planning whatsoever.

Hence, my setup is subpar this time BUT, it’s enough for my use so I’m not worrying.

november main page

You can see the lack of planning by the last few dates crammed on the right lol. I took the photo before adding all the event so it doesn’t look very cramped.


Since I don’t have time to keep up with habit trackers, I made only a mood tracker this time. This was also really simple. I just kept making circles. It took less than 5 minutes.


The most important spread for me is my expense trackers. I update it very diligently and evaluate at the end of every month.

And that’s it! I’m not happy with my setup this month but I know that throughout the month I won’t be looking at the presentation of it all. In the end, the bullet journal is for my use and not to look pretty.

I will try to take out time and make a better spread next month, though.

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How was October for you? Do you have any big plans for November? Let me know in the comments!

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