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The Sunday Post // what am I doing.

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s the day to sleep in, rest, read and have tea. Or if you’re not like me, it’s the day to go out and have adventures.

Now, if you ask me the question in the title of this post, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. It’s been a long week of work and procrastination. I haven’t found a balance.

Posting three times a week on the blog feels too much now. I have way too many things to be doing. I’ve decided today to just go with the flow. No set schedule. Just blog when I can, but hopefully at least once a week.

Last week’s to-do list

  1. Take care of self. I did kinda manage this! I’m almost all good.
  2. Finish databases and front end for both mini projects! I managed to do this JUST IN TIME. I actually did front end of project #2 on the way and at college the day of submission. It was CLOSE.
  3. Learn Django! I did do it! Yass!
  4. 2 hours of online course. Ha. Right after Wednesday and submitting my projects I stopped doing anything productive. Four days straight of intense work got me tired.
  5. Study for tests! I did a bit. Little bit. Definitely not enough.

I decreased my reading goal of the year

My original goal was 150 books. But last week when I was in the pit of my slump, plus I didn’t even have time to blog, I decided that my goal isn’t a priority.

I reduced my goal to 125 books, which was easy to reach since I only needed to finish one more book to reach that XD

Reading updates

I actually have reading updates for y’all this week! And proper ones!

I managed to get totally back into reading with Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren. I should have known that Christina Lauren can easily bring me out of my slump. It was really nice.

About 15 pages into the book, I found out that the male lead’s Korean name is Im Jimin and.. I can’t get away from BTS wherever I go. They’re everywhere.

I also read two other books by Christina Lauren. Sweet Filthy Boy and Dark Wild Night, books 1 and 3 of Wild Seasons series. I didn’t read book 2 lol. Not interested in it’s female lead.

I should have reduced my reading goal sooner. My reading picked up immediately after I reduced it. Smh.

I’m currently reading Wildcard by Marie Lu. I gave in to the temptation and stopped waiting to go to the bookstore for the paperback. I’ll just buy that as well later. I’m reading the book slowly to savour it.

In another case of I can’t get away from BTS, Marie Lu LITERALLY mentioned BTS. Park Jimin of South Korea. Not a character we see, but a blatant mention. My friends literally started laughing when I told this to them.

Impromptu sleepover!

My best friend surprised me yesterday evening by just dropping in. It takes quite some time to go back to her college so she decided to sleep over. A friend of mine from college also stayed over so we could study late in the night.

There was another friend with us as well, who left at around 10pm. The four of us ended up playing games, having dinner while joking and laughing, and talking Harry Potter. It was really fun yesterday.

We ended up falling asleep after doing only two topics but we did wake up early and finish the rest of the subject.

I decided to take a break and properly get energized before starting to study for tomorrow’s tests. I have Management & Entrepreneurship and Computer Networks. I haven’t started yet.

I actually sat down to study ME but then I remembered that the blog will go without another post this week, so here I am quickly writing something.

Since I really need to go study now..

I’m ending the post here. I apologize for this post which is just paragraphs without breaks. I might come back during a study break and add pictures. Have a great week!

How was your week? Did you have a sleepover too?

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // what am I doing.”

  1. I can definitely relate. Now that I am back at work I hardly have time to write, much less post. But like you I also want to try to post at least once a week 😊 Have a great week, and good luck with everything! 😊

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