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The Sunday Post // all random things

Happy Sunday everyone! Last week’s Sunday Post was short because I was short on time and energy. Now I’m short on energy and not so much on time so I thought I’d just talk about everything that comes to mind.

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I’m really glad I started doing this meme because it’s brought back my love for writing posts about life and just random things.

Okay on to my list of things to talk about! First, let me recap what happened last weekend.

Hack-It-On 2.0 summary

GUYS. The last time I helped organize a hackathon, it was pretty small. It was our first time arranging one. We expected an increase in number of teams but we didn’t expect SO MANY. We got 41 teams in total this time!

It was pretty hectic for us organizers until late night of day 1 but it was so worth it. I didn’t initially plan on staying overnight, but I ended up doing that! This was my first time, EVER, that I stayed out. I’ve never even been on sleepovers.

Strangely, as the night went on, my energy kept increasing. While people started taking naps and falling asleep, I was roaming around and jamming to music.

I did end up coming home early morning of day 2 for a couple hours to bathe and freshen up. My energy was still up but my mum forced me to get a nap. I slept for 45 minutes. That was all of my sleep from Saturday evening to Sunday night.

It was also really nice to watch people come up with ideas and bringing them to life. We saw some IOT projects as well, which were cool.

Conclusion, it went pretty well and it was a great experience that I’m glad to be a part of.

I didn’t attend classes on Monday, of course. I crashed as soon as I got home Sunday night and didn’t wake up for over 12 hours.

Last week’s to-do list

  1. Set up bullet journal for October. I ended up doing it on October 2nd.
  2. 4 hours of online course. Nooo. I did about 2 hours.
  3. Complete database for mini project #1. Haha what a joke.
  4. Watch 4 tutorial videos for Django. Another joke.
  5. Be organized. I was organized! Sort of.

Met up with my best friends!

We’re a tight unit of three people. One of us is in college about two hours away. Since Tuesday was a holiday for Gandhi Jayanti, two of us decided to surprise her.

Of course, we ended up being idiots and taking the longer route via bus. Later when we realized, we laughed so much at ourselves.

Anyway, she was very surprised! We had a really good time ❤ Here are a few pictures* of the food we had XD


We tried chili ice cream with lemon zest which actually wasn’t bad! In every bite, I was hit with sweet ice cream, spicy chili and tangy lemon, in that order. The ice cream rolls were simply brilliant. I fell in love.

*shameless self promo time. Follow me on Instagram for book pictures on feed and IRL pictures on stories!

Unplanned hangouts!

We had class only until 12:20 pm on Wednesday so my two friends and I decided to go for ice cream because we felt like it. Another friend of ours didn’t attend college that day hence we decided to drop in at her place and get her out for ice cream as well.

We also ended up having lunch at her place before picking up ice cream and heading to another friend’s home XD

Basically I finally visited two friends’ houses, we ate ice cream and I got a little drenched in rain on the way home.

Good day!

I’m currently sick

I’ve got a really bad throat infection, which I got due to the rain on Wednesday. On Thursday, I woke with a sore throat. In the afternoon I wanted hot tea but on the way to canteen, I got wet in the rain again. Plus my friends took ice cream and I went YOLO and had some of theirs as well. (yes I had ice cream three days in a row)

I also got soaked in the rain for the next two days. Four straight days of getting wet in the rain.

So yeah I’m sitting here with a bad throat and a cold. I’m having tons of fun, obviously.

Deadlines rant

So I have the 2nd review for BOTH my projects on 10th. It’s the last date. And I’m supposed to have 60-70% done for BOTH OF THEM. I just started one and haven’t even started the other.



Although I missed it, there was a rainbow near my college yesterday!

I was halfway to the bus stop when it started pouring so I ran to the bus stop (also getting soaked). The people who stayed back at college until the rain stopped witnessed this BEAUTIFUL rainbow. Here’s a picture one of my friends took:


I’m so tired

Considering I’m sick, haven’t gotten a peaceful day to rest without my body aching or classes, I’m damn tired. I also had a lab test yesterday! Despite the less prep I did, it went well so that was nice.

Since 10th is the deadline, I need to work for that as well. Then I’ve got theory tests from 15th so have to start studying for that.

I can name, off the top of my head, deadlines I have until the end of this month.

I didn’t post on Friday because I completely forgot I needed to write a blog post and when I did remember, it was too late and I had to study for the test.

This week’s to-do list


  1. Take care of self. I better not go YOLO again and have ice cream or something.
  2. Finish databases and front end for both mini projects! The deadline is Wednesday so.. I need to get on this.
  3. Learn Django! Considering I need this for one of my projects, I really need to learn it asap. Argh I’m such a mess.
  4. 2 hours of online course. I think I’ll be able to do this once my projects are done.
  5. Study for tests! They start next week and I’M PROBABLY FAILING considering I hardly know anything.

And that’s it for this week!

Also I noticed that I wrote my classes ended at 12:20pm on Sunday. I corrected that but there may be more of such mistakes. If there are any inconsitencies, grammer errors, things that don’t make sense or rambles, excuse them. I’m sick and kinda out of my mind.

How was your week? Did you have ice cream? Did you hangout with friends? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Ugh, being sick is never fun. Hope you will feel better soon! Luckily you did seem to have had at least a bit of a good week, and seeing all that food has really made me hungry 😂😂 Take care, and hope the upcoming week will see you make a full recovery 😀

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