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The Sunday Post // what a busy week

Hi everyone! Hope y’all had a good week!

I had a VERY busy week. I’m currently writing this post on Friday night because I KNOW that I will not get even a second to blog after now. I even considered not posting this Sunday but decided to post a short one.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Hackathon updates

I mentioned last week about a 24 hour Hackathon “HACK-IT-ON 2.0” that we’re hosting at our college campus this weekend and it has taken over my days. I have done nothing else productive. I gave up on updating my bullet journal and just downloaded a trusty tasks app that I turn to whenever I need.

I haven’t progressed in my online course or two projects. I don’t even know where I found the time to blog. I posted less on Instagram.

I’m super excited for the event but I’m also lowkey looking forward to finish it so I can rest again and maybe watch/read something.

Reading updates

I read like 20 pages during the little bit of time in college when I had time between Hackathon things. I read Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake and I’m finally kinda getting into it!

I’m about half-way through and while it’s not picked up yet, it’s not as boring as the beginning of the book.

Smol rant

I honestly have nothing else to talk about. I’ve been so damn busy oof.

You know I actually considered getting a Netflix subscription. I was going to share with three other people but backed out almost at the last minute because looking at the way my days are going, I won’t use Netflix and it wouldn’t be worth the money I’m paying.

It’ll be something I use just because I paid for it and I’ll also get too distracted from my work i.e. online course and projects.

Honestly the only reason my workspace isn’t very messy is because I work on the floor and have to clean up every time I’m done.

Tip: try working on the floor. Do your assignments, send emails, blog while sitting Indian style on the floor. This works best for me, probably because for anything I need to get up and I’m too lazy for that. I decide to finish and then get up for whatever.

To-do list for next week

picture of cluttered workspace

  1. Set up bullet journal for October. No way can I do it before. I’m even planning on bunking a full day of classes on Monday because I’ll be damn tired.
  2. 4 hours of online course. I really need someone to keep me accountable. Comment down below if you want to volunteer.
  3. Complete database for mini project #1. I started it, just need to do some more. Maybe an hour of work.
  4. Watch 4 tutorial videos for Django. I need to learn this as well for one of my mini projects and I haven’t even started it.
  5. Be organized. Please don’t be a mess, self.


Okay that’s it for today! I need to go and work on my script. I’m MCing for the event as well and my stage fright will be a nightmare unless I prepare well.

How was your week? Did you read/watch anything? Let me know below!

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // what a busy week”

  1. Whew, sounds like you really have had an amazingly busy week. I hope you will be able to find some time to relax in the upcoming weeks too, because that’s important as well 😊 Have a great upcoming week and take care 😊

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