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Songs On Repeat #3

Hi y’all! Wow this month is already coming to an end. I honestly was so busy this month, I have no clue how I’ve managed until now.

I’m currently writing this post hours after my usual publishing time. I didn’t even think that I would be able to write and post it because my last week has been VERY busy. Today has been the busiest so far, with me reaching home only half an hour back. Which was 7:30pm, way later than I usually reach home. Tomorrow will be even more busy.

Anyway, on to the songs! There will be a lot of BTS in this post, I’m warning you in advance. I’m not ARMY yet but I’m really getting into more of their songs. There are other songs, I promise.

[1] Breathe by Lauv

OKAY GUYS LISTEN UP. I’M IN LOVE. After loving I Like Me Better by Lauv, a friend recommended all of his songs. I listened to this one and I’m already a fan. What a good song. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

[2] Euphoria by BTS

I told you there’ll be a lot of BTS songs. Brace for ’em. But in all honesty, once you’re over the “BTS is a trend” and “Kpop sucks” or “not my thing, too flashy”, you’ll realize that BTS have songs for all music tastes. It took me a while to properly get into them instead of liking just one or two songs, but now I have a BTS song for every mood.

Euphoria is a slow song which is super comforting.

[3] Sample Of My Pasta by Bad Lip Reading

I don’t care who you are or what music you like, you have to listen to this.

It’s a bad lip reading of Idol by BTS and IT. IS. LIFE. I honestly love this song more than Idol. I made multiple people listen to it, including my mum, and all of them bloody loved it. It’s very catchy as well. And it’s SO HILARIOUS.

It’s also damn perfect. It matches the video so perfectly, including the beat, that if I had seen this before Idol, this would have been the “original” in my head.

[4] Spring Day by BTS

I started playing the game app Superstar BTS after my ARMY friend got me into it, and it’s the reason I’ve grown to like other BTS songs. Spring Day is one of them. In the beginning it was just okay but once I played it when I was in the right mood for it, and I fell in love.

Also I totally recommend playing the game because it’s damn fun and good for competitive people like me.

[5] Dimple by BTS

Also got into this song through Superstar BTS and I’m currently obsessed with it.

[6] Good day by BTS

I was watching some random clips of Jin from BTS and saw a clip from a concert I really wanted to check out. While watching that part of the fan meeting in repeat, I fell in love with the song as well. I love how subtly happy it is.

[7] Love Myself by BTS

This is the last song I have today. Not only because I can’t remember more, but I also don’t have more time to spend on this post unfortunately.

So enjoy Love Myself which I think everyone should hear. It’s because of this song that I finally started to like Suga’s rap. His rap is lowkey comforting and it’s so subtle.

What songs did you listen to on repeat this month? Any new favourite artists? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Songs On Repeat #3”

      1. It keeps changing because I’m only now slowly listening to all of their songs. Currently it’s Love Myself, I’m Fine, Spring Day and DNA.


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