10 books by my favourite authors that I still haven’t read

I have several favourite authors, ranging over different genres. If you ask me who my favourite author is, I’ll ask which genre I should choose from. I just can’t choose between them. And this means I have quite a few favourite authors.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Blog and this week’s topic is Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read.

So let’s get to it!

[1] Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

I LOVE SOPHIE KINSELLA, okay? I read all the Shopaholic books that were available in my library, I sought out a few other books by her as ebooks. My fav book by her is I Got Your Number and I definitely recommend it to romance lovers!

Twenties Girl is one of the very few books by Kinsella that I haven’t read, but I really want to! It sounds really fun.

It’s about Lara, a twenty-something girl, who keeps getting visits from her dead great-aunt Sadie. Sadie has a mission for Lara which will help her to finally rest. It’s supposed to be a hilarious book about a bond between two twenty-something women from different eras and DOESN’T IT SOUND AMAZING?

Note: I thought I haven’t read one book by Colleen Hoover and was looking for it. Found one called Verity. Turns out it’s an upcoming book. I’ve read every book by her, in English XD

[2] Batman by Marie Lu

I LOVE MARIE LU. I took a chance on her Legend trilogy years back and have been a fan since. Her last series Warcross BLEW. ME. AWAY. I haven’t read Wildcard yet but I will ASAP.

I haven’t read Batman, which is book 2 of DC Icons series by various authors. These books feature slightly changed stories of our favourite DC Icons.

Another book by Marie Lu that I haven’t read is The Midnight Star, last of The Young Elites trilogy. While waiting for the book after reading book 2 The Rose Society, I just lost interest in the series. I also forgot most things. I may read the trilogy again someday, and I may not. We’ll have to see.

warcross picture

[3] The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux

I don’t talk much about her and her books but she used to be my #1 fav author a long time back. I read each and every book I could find in my library and was available online in an affordable price. I just couldn’t get enough of her writing.

If I had to pick my favourite book of hers, I would say True Love. It involves ghosts, the past and mysteries wrapped up alongside a really nice love story.

Considering she has written TONS of books, there are actually a lot of her work that I haven’t read. Her books having Montgomery/Taggart characters were really good too. If I do go back to bingeing her books, I will first read the rest of Montgomery/Taggart books.

[4] Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

She is a new favourite author. I adored her books From Lukov, With Love and The Wall of Winipeg and Me. Both were really good romances with proper relationship growths, which is what I mainly look for.

I definitely recommend her books.

I’m not very sure about Under Locke but I will give it a try because I liked four other books by Zapata.

[5] The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is brilliant. My childhood was MADE with his books. I look back at those times fondly.

I LOVED the Heroes of Olympus series. Seven teenage badass characters, with multiple ADORABLE supporting characters, that go on quests and adventures, are hilarious and form long-lasting bonds? YES PLEASE.

But recently I just haven’t been able to enjoy his books. I read The Hidden Oracle and The Sword of Summer and only somewhat enjoyed both. I am sad to announce that I think I’ve grown out of Riordan books. *curls up in a corner in sadness*

[6] The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

lady midnight picture

CASSANDRA CLARE IS QUEEN. I will read any and every book by her. Especially of the Shadowhunter world. I’m constantly surprised by how her writing and plot improves through the books. The standard NEVER goes back down!

My fav is right now tied between Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. Once I read Queen of Air and Darkness I’m sure my heart will be incapable of feeling anything else. I’m fully expecting it to wring my heart out and I CAN’T WAIT.

I sadly haven’t read The Bane Chronicles yet even though I LOVE Magnus. It is on my TBR, though. I’m planning to read it.

[7] Truth of Beard by Penny Reid

I have read only the Knitting in the City series by her and I LOVED THEM. Especially Neanderthal Seeks Human and Dating-ish. Both were so damn adorable and had such good portrayals of friendship and relationship growth. In fact, all of her books are light hearted, funny and perfect to read with a drink.

I’m yet to get to other books by her. The next on my TBR is the Winston Brothers series, of which Truth of Beard is book 1. We’ve already been introduced to the characters before in a Knitting in the City book so I’m a little bit invested in them.

[8] Alone by Lisa Gardner

She’s not an author whos books I binged but I have been wanting to read all of her books for years now.

Ever since I read The Other Daughter, I’m her fan, without a doubt. Every next book I read, it just cemented.

I have The Perfect Husband as a paperback to read now. I’m waiting for when I’ll have some hours of free time so that I can read it in one sitting. I’m sure I will not be able to put it down.

[9] City of Ghosts by V.E. Schwab

a darker shade of magic picture


V.E. Schwab is another queen. I LOVED Shades of Magic trilogy by her. Went on to read Monsters of Verity, which I liked as well.

I was hesitant about adding City of Ghosts to my TBR because I’ve heard it’s a Middle Grade book and I don’t enjoy that category anymore. Will try, though!

I actually have a lot of books by her on my TBR. Another is Vicious, which I’ve heard a lot about as well.

Honestly, I just need to get to the rest of her books.

[10] Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

I’m a Tahereh Mafi fan because of the Shatter Me trilogy, and more specifically Ignite Me. The idea was BRILLIANT. I loved the character growth of the main character that we saw through the books. I loved the romance. I loved the friendships. yada yada I loved everything.

I’m really excited for the upcoming books in the Shatter Me series, and also A Very Large Expanse of Sea!


Okay and that’s the end for today. I need to go and get working on my tasks for today and I have MANY. This week is going to be very hectic for me. Wish me luck!

What are books by your favourite authors that you haven’t read yet? Do we share any favourite authors? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I haven’t read the Magnus Bane chronicles yet either! I plan to get to it after I finish all the books in my recent haul. I hope you like it when you get to it!

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