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The Sunday Post // random titbits

Wow I’m legit sitting here thinking “what did I do last week that’s worth mentioning.”

Truly. I also procrastinated so I’m writing this right before I have to publish it. I remember one event but other than that I don’t really have things to talk about?

I got my test results

Results of my tests which took place a couple weeks back are out. Well, five subjects’s results are out. I did mostly bad, which is not a surprise considering how less I prepared and the number of classes I missed.

I did bad in 3, well enough in 1 and really good in 1. Only another subject’s results is yet to come, and I’m very sure I did bad in it so.. there goes my gpa.

Friday fun

I, along with two other friends, went to another friend’s home on Friday and spent the day together. And I had so much fun!

We spent time watching videos and trailers on YouTube (I now really want to watch the movie Left Behind, partly because it stars Chad Michael Murray who was my heartthrob a few years back), playing an old fashioned, very fun, and very long game that can go on for HOURS and just chilled.

It was nice ❤

Reading updates

open book with tabs

While reviewing The Hating Game last week, I really felt like rereading it so I am! Currently half way through it and I’m having all the feels like the first time. Click here to read my review on it.

I also started Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake, latest of the Three Dark Crowns trilogy, over a week back. I’m having very less time to read books, somehow, so I’ve been crawling through the book. I’m only 20% into the book and it’s still boring. Lets hope things pick up soon.

Kdrama updates

I started watching Lawless Lawyer, which has had quite a bit of hype, after my friend watched a little and said it’s more thrilling than comedy. I became interested immediately, of course.

I’ve finished three episodes and I haven’t watched after that because I don’t have the time?

Honestly I don’t know where I spend my time because I’m not reading, watching, studying or being productive by doing my online course and projects. I’m being a disaster at time management. I seem to be spending all my time sleeping but I’m also very sleepy all the time and feel like I’m short on sleep? Oof.

beautiful picture of the sky and horizon
My friends went trekking last Sunday and they took amazing pictures of the sky, like this one. I just had to share because LOOK AT IT. I didn’t go because I’m very clumsy and I’ll more likely fall and get hurt than have fun. Plus my body takes 4x the time to heal so better safe than sorry.

I started playing Superstar BTS

If you don’t know, it’s a game app kind of like piano tiles but it goes according to the best of BTS songs. There are various albums and stuff like cards etc. I like it because the songs play in the background which makes things 3x more fun.

I’ve been playing it whenever I’m bored and because I’m competitive, I can’t stop playing it until I master at least some of it XD

My ARMY friend got me into it and I can’t seem to stop. To be fair, it’s pretty difficult, which makes me want to master it more.

The easy level is very easy but the normal level is pretty hard unless you spend a lot of time practicing. I haven’t even touched the hard level because I’m sure I need wayyyy more practice.

Hack-It-On 2.0 is next weekend!

Last semester, some friends and I organized a small hackathon in our college and it went okay. This time we’re making it bigger and it’s definitely looking more promising, so I’m looking forward to it!

It’s a 24 hour event starting 29th evening and ending 30th evening (so if you don’t see a post from me then, you know why) for programmers.

It’s going to be fun.

Follow us on social media! We’re on twitter (which I manage btw), Instagram and Facebook.

How was your week?

Honestly I don’t have much to say today and I really need to get to doing my online course.

Tell me in the comments about your week! Any big events? What did you read/watch?


9 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // random titbits”

  1. Sorry to hear about your testresults😢
    Still glad to hear that you have had a nice friday with your friends. Also very cool that you started with Lawless Lawyer. I absolutely loved that series, and it only will get better (I also have to say that it features one of the best villains that I have ever seen in a K-drama).
    Hope your upcoming week will be a little bit better for you. Have a nice sunday! 😀

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