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The Sunday Post // tests + Sierra Burgess

It’s already been another week?! I feel like I wrote last week’s Sunday post just a couple days back. Just like this week, the next two years will go by and before I know it I’ll be out of college. Scary just thinking about going into the real adulting world.

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

As I write this, it’s Saturday evening and I’ve just got back from college. You will be seeing this only Sunday afternoon but I’m writing it in advance because I don’t need any more excuses to procrastinate studying.

I’m blogging while playing my playlist on shuffle and trying to chill for the first time since last Sunday.

Updates from last sunday

I went out with a friend and I had a really good time! We went to a small book fair and then went to a mall where we sat talking over burgers and Fanta Floats for a LONG time. It was a good day, although it did tire me out and I didn’t get to studying that day. Worth it, though.

I also bought a book from the book fair called The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger. The only reason I actually ended up buying it is because the author wrote The Devil Wears Prada, which I really like.

Follow up on last week’s to-do list

I don’t do to-do lists in my bullet journal because it never worked for me. Surprisingly, though, the to-do list I’ve been posting here last two Sundays is actually on my mind throughout the week! Maybe because I only talk about the most important things or maybe posting online is keeping me responsible.

  1. Don’t watch any Kdramas or read any books!! Although I did end up reading a book early in the week because I reallllly felt like it, I’m still marking this green. I didn’t watch or read anything else, which has actually freed up a LOT of my time to study.
  2. Blog for Friday in advance. I blogged for Friday on Tuesday itself along with that day’s post!
  3. Two hours of online course minimum. So much for doing my course no matter what. Since I missed a LOT of classes, I needed to study a lot and catch up to write my tests well.
  4. Study!!!!! I did haha.

Section 377 in India has been repealed!

pride flag.jpg

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code states that homosexual sex between two consenting adults is a crime. India has a long history of hating on queer people and not welcoming them.

In 2009, the section was repealed but in 2013 it was brought back. I was oblivious to all this.

But a couple days back, the Supreme Court panel of five judges unanimously voted to repeal Section 377 and I CAN’T BE HAPPIER.

The internet BLEW UP with the news and there was celebration everywhere. Twitter had multiple hashtags about it that trended. The news kept showing people going around giving sweets and celebrating and honestly, what a good day.

I’m so thankful for this step forward. And in the center of it all, the judges are the people to thank. Not only did they take this decision, they also gave such good statements which should be quotes.

“LGBT community has the same rights as other members of society. Criminalising carnal sex is irrational, arbitrary.” CJI Dipak Misra

Gay marriage is not legal, though. I’m sure the next step is to pursue it but there has already been opposition to the idea by the Govt, which I read in the news. It’s a work-in-progress. I hope for the best.

4/6 tests done!

My tests started Friday and I have two a day. And since my weekdays run until Saturday, I had two days of two tests.

I’m actually glad that we have two tests a day because they get over really fast. It’s four days of binge-studying and done. It’s a good schedule. During finals when my exams stretches over several days, I hate it.

I have two more tests on Monday and I’m done, yay!

Reading updates

I read only one book this week as I said above and that is Accidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd. I read through it pretty quickly. I quite liked it in the beginning but the last quarter just did not do it for me.

It was a little messy the way it ended and I also didn’t like the last sequence of events.

3/5 stars.

What I watched

I actually haven’t watched yet but I’m about to watch Sierra Burgess Is A Loser now! I have a day to study for my next two tests so I’m allowing myself to enjoying for a little bit.

I have my cup of tea and some biscuits, all ready. I’ll come back once the movie’s over and complete this post so until then, see ya!

two hours later

Y’all.. I didn’t like it..

I didn’t like the movie. Less than halfway through I found myself fast-forwarding. I.. I did not expect this.

I just really expected to like it, you know? I even spoke about it to my friends, I was so excited to watch it!

  • Starting with the small things, sometimes the music choices were way off for the scenes.
  • We did not even get to see Sierra and Jamey connect.
  • I loved Sierra’s confidence on not caring about her looks and while, deep down, I know that it’s still high school and that it will affect her, I did not like the way it came out.
  • The unlikely friendship between Veronica and Sierra was my most anticipated thing because I wanted friendship and.. I don’t know. It just was not it. The movie was not it.
  • It’s transphobic. A friend replied saying that in reply to my Instagram story, about watching the movie, as well. It’s… no. No.
  • It’s also fatphobic and lesbophobic.
  • This tweet thread by clockworkreads says it all.

  • I’m just sitting here making faces of frustration because I don’t know how to say what I didn’t like because overall I just didn’t.
  • It felt like just another story about a fat girl in high school. I did not see anything new and unique and nice.
  • Also I did not relate at all. I was the fat one too but I did not relate at all. Is that how American high school is? Just snide comments and outward insults without any underhand things? Because from what I remember, the small things hurt more than being outwardly insulted.
  • The best friend relationship Sierra had with Dan was not nice. I mean, throughout the movie everything that happened, I didn’t like it. But right from the start I didn’t like Dan because he kept pushing Sierra and sometimes didn’t consider her feelings. But then on the other hand (spoiler ahead, will type it in white so if you want to see it, select the text) she did kinda forget about him because of a boy and because a new friend and that is SAD. He was with her the whole time! And she didn’t even think about it. Felt like just another teenage movie that I do not get.
  • I hated the peak point. You know, the part of every story where things go wrong and the MC is sad and realizes how stupid she’s been and stuff. Very awkwardly done. Did not like it.

Side note: The song Sunflower by Shannon Purser is pretty good. I don’t like the lyrics because I’m done with the plot line but her voice is really good and I like the tone. Will definitely have any other song by her on repeat. Not this one though.

Conclusion: I did not like it. Some people did, though. So if you want to watch it, go for it, I guess?

I hit 900 followers on Instagram

Moving on to better topics! I hit another milestone on my Instagram account! I know that Instagram follower count will keep fluctuating and changing, so right after this the number might go down. (Is it bots that cause this problem or is it actually people who follow unfollow several times because I’ve been facing this for a long time and so have many others.)

I’m so close to 1k! Woohoo!

Speaking of, follow me on Instagram!

Next week’s to-do list

Okay last thing. I need to end this post so I can get to studying because my mum has been telling me to get off the laptop and study for the past hour.

picture of my bujo

  • Do well on the last two tests! Get studying ASAP.
  • Design review. Gotta show the design plan for my mini project to my guide on Monday.
  • DBMS project review. Better start get working on this project and review the plans with my guide.
  • Four hours of online course. Need to catch up!
  • Write another Kdrama review. I have tons of Kdramas left to be reviewed! So much backlog oof.

And I think that’s enough for a week? I’m making faces just looking at this list.

(Okay my mum’s making pulao again and it smells SO GOOD I WANT TO EAT IT NOW. Thank goodness it’ll be dinner time soon.)

How was your week? Anything monumental happen? Tell me in the comments!

15 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // tests + Sierra Burgess”

  1. I was so happy about The decriminalisation of homosexuality in India! It really is such a shame about Sierra Burgess though, I guess I expected a lot more from it if that makes sense? I’ve seen a lot of negative things about it being problematic though 😦 either way, this was a fab post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just read a negative review of Sierra Burgess this morning before blog hopping and was really disappointed. I always hope for the best when something has a good cast. Why can’t more movie/TV producers get teen movies right for this generation?
    I’m happy for India! I saw the news headlines this week, but it’s only today that I’m realizing so many book bloggers live in India that I’m realizing how amazing this ruling truly is! I’m glad you all are talking about it because it is definitely something other parts of the world (probably not just the U.S.) takes for granted these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. The producers have to start picking up good movies. I’m at least glad we have another great movie coming up, THUG, which WILL be brilliant because it’s a book adaptation and we know the story 😅

      I’m really glad as well that a lot of us are talking and it and celebrating! One of my friends is gay, he came out to us during Pride month, and all of us spammed our WhatsApp group with congratulations and flag emojis. Made me so happy.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sierra Burgess actually proved that she was a loser lol. The movie was so bad and I was so excited for it too especially since Noah Centineo was gonna be in it. But like I didn’t see their connection, I didn’t feel like I related to Sierra either even though I’ve felt those same struggles of not fitting into that stereotypical mold. They could have delved deeper into her teen experience to reach the audience, but instead it was another episode of Catfish. The whole movie was a mess and I’m convinced that anyone who actually liked it is either a liar or a catfish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same I was excited mostly because of Noah but I also wanted the unlikely female friendship developing. No shit tho. I honestly didn’t even know the meaning of Catfish until this movie (I live in India so all the improvised slang of English evades us). I don’t trust people who liked it as well.


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