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The Sunday Post // Kdrama watching + tons of work

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m currently sneaking in a bit of blogging before I have to get ready and go out, so this post may not be very long. In fact, I think I might write half of it and complete it later in the evening when I’m home. I want this post to be a little long and include everything I want to talk about.

So, let’s just get to it!

Updates from last Sunday

So last week, in my Sunday Post, I had written and published it on Sunday morning. That didn’t include my Sunday activities so I just want to say a little about it.

As I had said, I went out with my friends. 7 of us went to a place in my city popular for buying and selling books. I sold back a bunch of books and bought two textbooks (one for me, one for my best friend). After that, we went to a popular eating place in another part of the city and I tried new food!

Honestly, I can’t even properly describe what was so good about the day. It’s probably just that I went out with this group for the first time and I had a lot of fun. One of my friends said thrice, I believe, that I was so cute. It was funny the way she said it, all awe and realization, but I felt nice. Compliments are very good to hear.

Here are some images from the day!

Follow up on last week’s to-do list:

  1. Download and install software for mini project. I tried four times. It kept going wrong. Eventually decided I’ll take it from one of my friends and try.
  2. Buy textbooks! Done!
  3. Do two hours of online course minimum. I did just two hours lol.
  4. Set up bullet journal for September.Done! Now I just need to make a blog post about it.
  5. Shift back home. Done!

All-in-all, good enough week.

College is kicking my ass

It’s been a month since college started, with about three more months of classes to go, and I’m already stressed af. Two mini projects, assignments, online course and classes all together are taking up my time. I have no clue how I’m blogging and I’m not sure how I’ll manage the time to keep blogging through the semester.

Things will surely become more hectic, starting from this week because we have our first internal tests. I seriously need to get studying because I barely know anything since I missed a lot of classes due to internship.

Kdramas I watched

The only way I deal with stress is procrastination and only that explains why I finished TWO Kdramas last week.

1. Kill Me, Heal Me

My friend and I started watching it together and while we planned on going on the same pace, I ended up finishing early. In fact, she was ahead of me because I was watching Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. But once I started Kill Me, Heal Me, I finished it in 4 days. That’s roughly 4 hours a day.

2. She Was Pretty

My friend was stalking the actors in Kill Me, Heal Me and told me that two of the leads are protagonists in She Was Pretty. Considering I really like the male lead, I decided to go for it.

Another friend recommended She Was Pretty a long time back but i started watching it only now. I finished it in 4 days, so about 4 hours a day again lol.

I’m going to stop watching and reading for the next week until my tests finish because I really need to pass.

Reading updates

I was born for this cover

I read only one book and that was I Was Born For This by Alice Osman and I can see that Radio Silence wasn’t a one-hit wonder. It was really good, included diversity as well and had a similar vibe to Radio Silence. Let’s hope I get the time to write a review soon.

New theme in Instagram!


My bookstagram is known for changing themes very frequently and I’m glad to be moving on to the next theme after a couple months. It’s similar to a theme I did before but with different colours. I’m glad I’m back to complete colour now because my last theme was based on white background.

If you still haven’t, follow me on Instagram! I post pretty pictures and talk about books or my daily life. I also post stories on various book, Kdrama and life updates.

I got featured on the August Creator Showcase!


while you were sleeping hong joo

In July, I shared my While You Were Sleeping review post on twitter in reply to the host’s tweet, nominating that post for the Showcase. There were tons of other people who shared their posts so I’m super surprised and happy that I was picked and featured for the Showcase!

For August, it was hosted by Rastilin0903, who did a great job. Click here to see the post where he features 20 blog posts!

This week’s to-do list

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


  1. Don’t watch any Kdramas or read any books!! Need to concentrate on studying now.
  2. Blog for Friday in advance. I have my first test on Friday so I definitely can’t do it on Thursday or Friday.
  3. Two hours of online course minimum. No matter what else, I still have 40 hours of my course left and I need to finish it THIS SEMESTER.
  4. Study!!!!! Goes without saying.

And that’s it for this week! Surprisingly I wrote this in one sitting and that means I need to run NOW to get ready. Okay bye!

How was your week? Hectic? Chill? Tell me things in the comments!

12 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // Kdrama watching + tons of work”

  1. I’m so excited for I Was Born For This, I almost put it on my September TBR but I might save it for later this year.

    Good luck at college!!! I can for sure relate to how stressful it is and I applaud you for even being able to write a blog post 😛 Also love your to-do list idea, I might have to steal that haha.

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