Millenials by Emily Palermo

This isn’t a regular post. I’m just sharing my favourite poem.

So I found this poem on Tumblr back in high school and I fell in love with it. I even by-hearted it. But once college started, I didn’t even think about it. Recently I remembered it and I’ve been trying to remember it but I could only recall bits and pieces. Some words here and there and the vibe I felt.

I tried searching but this didn’t come up. On Monday, I finally remembered a unique line and when I googled it, I found the poem. I’m so glad. I’m sharing it today because I haven’t seen ANY talk about it. Honestly, does anyone even know it? Because I just love it so much. I’m guessing the poem on her Tumblr was deleted because I can’t find it there anymore.

Here’s the poem:

“We, the stumbling prophets
screaming ourselves raw,
wondering if Atlas will ever take
the world from our shoulders. 
We, the impossible.
We, the unyielding.

We, the unrelenting heretics
burning alive for truths
the old world will never 
be ready to hear.
We, the nuclear. 
We, the radioactive.

We, the unwilling angels
choking on the innocence
shoved down our throats,
ripping these unforgiving
linens to shreds. 
We, the celestial.
We, the hungry.

We, the courageous damned
kissing revolution in the moonlight,
crushing fate between our teeth.
We, the unholy.
We, the light.”

Click here to see it as a quote on Goodreads.

*All rights of the poem belongs to Emily Palermo)

What’s your favourite poem?

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