doctor stranger kdrama review

Doctor Stranger // Kdrama review

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25 thoughts on “Doctor Stranger // Kdrama review”

  1. while watching the drama I didn’t like some points that you mentioned and the main one was the the main character lover (I don’t know their names) and I didn’t want her to be his lover so at some point I started hating her character in the storyline . So I get how you didn’t like her.


  2. Interesting. My sister really loved this one. I’m yet to explore the K Drama world but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon. Still, I think I’ll give this a shot much after I’ve started watching K Drama anyway because this doesn’t seem like the plot for me.

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    1. It takes a while to get used to the Korean and their way of speaking but I love the new dynamics and types of stories that they portray. You should definitely try at least one Kdrama.

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      1. I’ve sort of been wanting to! Let’s see! 😀
        I’ll definitely let you know when I do try it!
        If I was going for any, which one would you recommend as my first?

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      2. Okay my top three right now:

        1. Kill Me, Heal Me. Main character has split personality disorder. 7 totally different personalities. It’s pretty cool. There’s mystery, romance and comedy.

        2. W: Two Worlds. Female lead gets pulled into the fictional world of her dad’s web comic and falls in love with the fictional male lead!!! It’s all fine and dandy until the villain appears and starts trying to kill everyone. Romance, thriller and comedy.

        3. While You Were Sleeping. Three people dream of the future and try to save tragedies from occurring. Very unique set of characters. A reporter, a prosecutor, a policeman and a lawyer. Mostly romance and comedy, but there’s quite some focus on cases that the prosecutor handles so we also spend time in courtrooms.

        I do have full reviews on all of these on this blog if you want to know more 😌 and let me know after you watch!

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      3. (I’m writing this reply as I’m reading your comment)
        OMG, I’m already excited about 1.
        Anything to do with split personality and I’m hooookeeedddd.

        WHAT THE HELL. 2 has such an interesting plot too. Plus, it seems like a love story. Given the lack of it in my life, I’m surely gonna enjoy this one (I’m a killer for love stories anyway)

        Wow. I think I’m just gonna start with 1 and watch all three.

        I’d love to read the reviews but I’m super scared that I might spoil these shows for myself. SO, I’m gonna watch and then read those!

        Thank you so much!

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  3. Interesting insight about the kdrama series.. the first kdrama series i watched is one spring night by chance. I liked the acting of the main characters like jhae in.. whats your thought if the kdrama series? Thanks!

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  4. Hi! So for your second thought on the drama. That it’s not realistic that u know what’s wrong by just touching some
    body parts. It’s actually real if u memorize the WHOLE anatomy and the effects of a disease. And they can really survive since they just got the shot from their shoulders and if they know how to swim. I’m just also giving my thoughts and I can’t meddle with yours because it is also your opinion. hehe peace 😉

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    1. Hi! I definitely agree that my opinion is skewed because I know nothing in the medical field. But would it still work the way they showed in the drama? When he touched the bodies, he seemed to know exactly what was happening well inside.

      And they can swim if they got shot on the shoulders? But aren’t shoulders vital to swimming? 🤔

      And it’s okay, I welcome opinions! Healthy discussions are good haha.


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