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Songs on repeat #1

Hi again everyone! Since the title “favourite songs of the month” is a little long and not really catchy, I decided to change the name. I’ll also be using a generic header for every songs on repeat post so it’s easier to recognize.

You might have been expecting a The Sunday Post today like I’ve been doing for the last three weeks, but nothing much happened last week so I decided to not do it.

Okay so! This month has been pretty long? I always note down the songs I listen to on repeat throughout the month in my bullet journal. When I just flipped back to see it, I feel like those songs were from a long time back even though it was this month.

Okay on to the songs!

Always by Yoon Mi Rae

I watched the Kdrama Descendants of the Sun around that time so I got really obsessed with this song! The singer’s voice is so soothing and I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it in the show.

This Love by Davichi

Okay so Davichi is one of my favourite Korean artists because I love EVERY song of theirs! This Love is also from Descendants of the Sun but it has a more sad vibe because of the pairing it’s played for. I still listed to it every day.

Stay With Me by Chanyeol ft. Punch

While I was listen to Kdrama songs, YouTube played this on auto play once and I fell in love!!! I normally don’t like songs with rap in them but there are a few gems that I have liked. This is one. I actually really like both parts in it. It’s from the Kdrama Goblin which I haven’t watched.

Take It Easy by Jetta

I mentioned Feels Like Coming Home by the same artist as a favourite a couple months back. While listening to that, this came up as a suggestion and I gave it a go. The vibe is same but also different? It’s really good.

I Found by Amber Run

This came up on auto play after Take It Easy. It has almost the same vibe but there are multiple voices and honestly it’s so good. Best song for listening when you’re in a gloomy mood. Also when you’re travelling.

Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

This is an old song which I’ve known for a long time. But recently I was in the mood for songs like Only Place I Call Home and found this in my playlist. And I fell in love with it again. I had liked it for the music and voice before but now I also really like the lyrics.

I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You by Gentle Bones

Okay so I found this song only a few days back and I’M BLOWN AWAY. It came up on my YouTube feed as a recommendation and I’m surprised YT suggested me a really good one. It does remind me of a couple other songs thought. The song starts like Now or Never by Halsey. It also reminds me of I Found that I mentioned above. When this song ends, I don’t why but I Found runs in my head.

But the middle of the song is all it’s own. I love the voice, the beat and the tunes. I also actually like the video! It’s pretty cute.

And that’s all for this month! Follow me on twitter and Instagram because I usually post my favs there ASAP.

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What songs have you been listening on repeat this month? Have you heard the songs I mentioned above? Did I introduce to a song that you really like? Let me know in the comments!


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