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The Sunday Post // finals are done! + bookish candles + further plans

I honestly cannot remember the last time a wrote a post to go up immediately. I’m a huge planner and I usually write my posts in advance. In fact I used to even write posts a month in advance! But I had a blogging slump a while back and then I had my finals so I’ve been blogging lesser.

I’m back now, though! And I’m doing a more personal post to catch y’all up on my life. I used to do life updates before but I haven’t been doing them lately.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update readers on the blogger’s past week. I’ve been eyeing this meme for a while and I’m finally getting the time to do it.

My finals are done!


I honestly felt like my exams had been going on forever. I had 8 subjects last semester—two labs and six theory. I had my lab exams on 30th June and 5th July. And my university, being it’s classical predictable self, kept our theory exams starting 19th July!! So that’s TWO WEEKS in the middle. Is it vacation? Is it study holidays? No one knows! So we treated it as half and half. We enjoyed everyday and also worried about studying.

The actual exams went on for three weeks. We had exams on Tuesdays and Fridays for THREE weeks. I’m pretty sure only my university keeps exams spanning that long.

But you know what? It was short this time. I remember all my previous finals spanned about a month. My 2nd semester finals spanned OVER a month. That was torture. We had six days between the first and second exams that time.

In short all of us are used to having vacations and exams at the same time. Also because we don’t really get semester breaks. I had ONE WEEK between semesters 2 and 3.

I was really stupid during one of my exams..

shaking head gif

It was my third exam. My exams start at 2pm and we’re called 20 minutes in advance. So I reached college at 10aa, just to be safe. I revised over there and was nervous for the exam.

Now we’re supposed to go in to our exam rooms at 1:40pm. Me, being extra careful, started going in at 1:30pm.


While I was taking my stuff to go inside, I realized I DID NOT HAVE MY HALL TICKET. It’s super necessary for exams.

I always carry mu bullet journal so I kept my hall ticket inside that. And that day, like an idiot, I left it at home because there’s no use for it.

I panicked so much guys.

why do I do this to myself GIF
ft. Dan who’s videos DESCRIBE MY LIFE

Thankfully my friends were there to give instructions while I blanked out. I ran to my invigilator and told him about the issue. He told me to go to my department and I requested him to let in me in late.

In the department, the person I needed to see wasn’t there. I asked another teacher there who called him. I waited there for that person who said that I’d have to pay to get a duplicate. I said okay I’ll pay after the exam but he said that you have to pay before itself.

It was 1:40 by then. I was super super panicked. I did NOT have the time to go to accounts department, which is in the ground floor, to pay and get the receipt. And I most certainly did not have the time to run back to the 5th floor where my department is to get the duplicate. Also keep in my my exam room was in the second floor.

He saw me panicking and told me to go to my room and keep the money ready and he’ll come there and give my hall ticket. So I ran and realized I had only half the money needed. I borrowed bits from three people who were late that day (thank goodness) and managed to pay.

I was inside the room at around 1:50pm.

Usually when something goes wrong my whole day goes wrong, including my exams, but surprisingly I did my exam well that day! I am so damn glad.

The minute I got home that day I kept my original hall ticket inside my bag. Not taking anymore chances.

I bought my first bookish candles!

The day my stupid mistake, I was procrastinating studying for my next exam. While on Instagram, an Indian bookish candle shop I follow had a sale for imperfect candles.

I’ve never wanted to buy candles because I don’t really use candles at all. Plus I didn’t see the point in bookish candles except for bookstagram pictures.

So when I decided to buy two of them, you can understand just how much I was done with exams. But thankfully it was a sale so discounted prices. Hence helpful for my wallet.

I did not tell my mom that I bought them. I was tracking the shipment carefully and it ended up coming to my house on Tuesday, the day I had an exam!!! So no one was at home. Thankfully the postman came again the next day itself and I was at home to receive it.

That afternoon when mum came home for lunch I showed her the candles. She did not reprimand me!! Yayy. I knew she wouldn’t really yell and stuff but I expected something.

Shadowhunters and Velaris

I bought a Shadowhunters tin one and Velaris in a jar. They’re from whispering flames.

We lit Velaris yesterday, to celebrate the first day of holidays. It smells really fresh but also dense. I can’t describe it, and my mom couldn’t even say a word to describe it. My two best friends friends think it kinda smells like car freshener though.

We haven’t lit the Shadowhunters one yet. It’s smells like leathery wind and all of us, excluding my mom, liked that more. It’s scent is supposed to be leather, ocean breeze and wind. Honestly the leather addition makes it smell so much more better.


I have three weeks break as of now. College reopens 1st of August. But I really want to put these to use and applied for an internship where my mum works. It’ll be for a month starting this Wednesday so I’ll be skipping classes for about 10 days.

Honestly, I’m not bothered by missing classes. It’s better than not being productive for three weeks.

I’m pretty excited for the internship because it’s my first and I’ll be getting to do something other than sit in lectures learning passively, which I hate.

Holiday bucketlist

For the FIRST TIME in my life weekdays will be Monday to Friday. I’ve always had Monday through Saturday weeks with only Sunday as holiday. I honestly never understood the concept of “weekend plans” because of that.

But because offices have five-day weekdays unlike all academic institutions, I’ll actually get to experience a proper weekend. I’m planning on doing all the small things in my bucket list then. Of course I’m not including reading books (which I AM going to do a lot) and watching shows/Kdramas/movies.

thumbs up gif
Let’s do it!

I want to:

  • catch up on my Kdrama reviews. I’m on 16th Kdrama at the moment but I’ve reviewed only 4. This shows what I’ve been doing during my blogging and book slumps lol.
  • make new bookstagram props. I’ve been using origami lucky stars as props for a LONG time and I’m getting bored of it. Pretty sure others are as well. I’ve bookmarked some YouTubde videos so let’s see how it goes.
  • catch up on the Commenting 365 challenge. During my blogging slump and during finals I became horribly behind in my commenting challenge. The goal is to comment on 365 blogs through the year—one per day. I took it as commenting on new blogs. I’m now about a MONTH behind. I’ve been commenting once in a while but not regularly.
  • finish updating old book reviews. A long long time back when I was new to blogging, I posted a bunch of blog posts. I want to make all my review to the current format but I haven’t finished updating all yet. I dud until the letter S (going alphabetically) and I’m sure I don’t have much more left. Going to wrap that up this break.

And that’s it for now! I’m sure impromptu things will come up as well.

Currently Reading..

the night circus coverThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern! I bought this book in the beginning of July, after my lab finals and I didn’t start it because I wanted to concentrate on studying.

I started it yesterday and it’s pretty good! I wished that it was more fast paced or action packed in the beginning but now I’m good. It’s really magical and enchanting. We also see from multiple POVs about the magic of The Night Circus so that’s really good.

I’m at page 207/502. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. Not today because I’m hanging out with my best friends as much as I can now before all of us become busy with plans.

I really like hanging out with them because we’re almost like family. We don’t really do specific things when we meet. Yesterday they came over and we just did things individually but in company. One was writing notes to help her boyfriend since he’s working and doesn’t have time, the other was sleeping on my bed while I was reading. It was very homely and this is why they’re my best friends. We just go together and have really similar ideals of living even though we’re all interested in different things.

What’s going on in your life?

Wow this post has become SO LONG! If you’ve been sticking through until here, hats off to you. Thanks for reading!

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Since I’ve used up so much space talking about me, I want to hear about y’all now. Did anything out of the ordinary happen this week? What are your plans for the next week? Tell me in the comments!

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // finals are done! + bookish candles + further plans”

  1. I love bookish candles. there’s something about those two concepts- candles and books that go well together. 🙂 And glad to hear you survived your finals! Sounds stressful!

    I do want to read Night Circus at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woah, you’ve had such a busy time!! That exam sounds like Hell but at least the actual exam went well!! AND NOW YOU HAVE HOLIDAYYYY :))) those bookish candles sound lovely; I remember reading on your Twitter when you first got them.
    Oooh good luck on the bucket list!! Your friends also sound amazing and I can’t wait to hear about the internship!
    I loveeee these posts because they’re so detailed! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for everything!! I’M SO EXCITED for the holidays and the internship!!
      And I loved writing this as well! I’m so glad you liked it 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, that sounds unbelievably stressful! Well done you for being able to focus and do well after the pre-exam drama! I’d have been in pieces.
    I LOVE the cover for The Night Circus. Shamefully, I’ve had the book sitting on my bookshelf for years now and I still haven’t read it. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! Oof I was so stressed my heart was beating so fast. I did get through it though, yay! Friends to help you are the best thing 😅

      I totally understand that! 😂 Honestly there are so many books to read but something just comes along that we want to read faster.


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