Favourite Songs of the Month

Welcome back to another music post! I really should do more posts about things other than books like I used to a long time back, but finding time to blog itself is hard nowadays. *sigh*

This is becoming a regular thing, huh? Maybe I should make it a monthly blogging meme…

Okay so I liked quite a few new songs this month. I spent time listening to them a lot. I’m really excited to talk about them so let’s get to them!

Waves (acoustic) by Dean Lewis

Thank you Elm for introducing me to this! She did the Music Habits Tag (that I created!) and for the “song you think everyone should listen to” Elm said this song. The first time I heard it, it was okay. I didn’t like it that much but I did download it. While studying math with my playlist in shuffle, this came on and I was BLOWN away??

I heard the original version as well but this one’s better, in my opinion. Y’all should really listen to it!

Also Elm you really should do posts about music because I would love to get more recs!

Girls Like You by Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

Everyone was talking about this when it came out. People were both positive and negative about the video so I checked it out as well and I actually liked the video! I replayed it quite a few times because the music went so well with the video and I loved seeing all the women.

As I replayed the video, the song grew on me. On it’s own, the song isn’t that great though. Also I do NOT understand the addition of Cardi B, especially the lyrics she raps. It doesn’t match with the rest of the song.

I LOVED Gal Gadot in the video! She’s just dancing around all happy and it made me so happy!

Back To You by Selena Gomez

Let’s talk about the video first! I liked the 80s teen party vibes which are really boring making her want to steal a car and make her life interesting. I also liked the idea that in the end they did it all again, just like she said she would in the song.

But what struck me most was how young she looked? If she played Alex Russo again I would totally think that she’s a teen! The faces she makes acting like a total kid was so nice! Also the addition where he says “You know, you look a little like Selena Gomez” and she just look at the camera? BEST.

Onto the song itself, I like the tune A LOT. The intrumental music and her voice just blending in sounds so good. I kept playing it on repeat while studying one whole evening because it’s really nice as chill background music. It makes me want to move to the music every time I listen to it.

Naan Nee by Karthi and Catherine Tresa

This was the ONLY song this month that’s old and which I fell in love with only now because of shuffle. It’s a really nice Tamil song. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, just try listening to it.

Agenda by Emma Blackery

Okay so I know Emma Blackery from Evan Edinger’s videos. They’re both YouTubers and they did a video together called School: British vs American and that was how I came to know both of them, actually. I really like Evan’s videos and I checked out Emma’s but I didn’t like them much.

Recently I just searched her again and these music videos came up and I’m like “that’s not her… is it?” Turns out, it IS her because she talks about her new single on her channel. I listened to Agenda and I actually really like it?? I’m totally going to listen to all of her songs.

Icarus by Emma Blackery

Haha say hello to another Emma Blackery song! I was playing Agenda on Saavn (music player) and this came up next on the automatically curated playlist and this is so good?? So yeah I’m definitely listening to all of her songs.

That’s all for today!

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What were your favourite songs this month? Would you join in if I make this a monthly blogging meme? Let me know in the comments!

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