Favourite songs of the month

Looks like the Kdrama obsession hasn’t dimmed yet. May’s favourites are also made up mostly of Korean songs. So let’s get to it!

Instead of reading, I spent my May binge watching even more Korean dramas and you know what that means? More kdrama OST* songs. I haven’t gotten to listening to all of the OSTs yet since I’m working my way through the songs slowly, giving each attention, but I hope to listen to more OSTs soon.

Let’s get to the songs!

*Original Sound Track

Pinocchio by Roy Kim

I hadn’t liked this much when I originally listened to all the songs from Pinocchio one day this played on shuffle when I was in the bus, half-asleep, and I fell in love. I now know all the words by heart, even though I don’t their meanings.

Okay but tbh I know all of the words by heart only after playing any songs a few times on repeat. I know all of the songs on all my “favourites” posts by heart, no matter what language.

A Little Braver by New Empire

This song was played in the background for all the major emotional and impactful scenes in Uncontrollably Fond during the last few episodes. It’s SUCH a good song. It’s an English song, btw.

This is exactly the song I would listen to when I’m down and need to get back up.

“When it gets hard

I get a little stronger now

I get a little braver now

And when it gets dark

I get a little brighter now

I get a little wiser now

Before I give my heart away.”

Queendom by AURORA

This is quite different from her other songs, especially the ones I like. This is more upbeat and encouraging. The lyrics are really nice as well.

I didn’t like the music video though. I didn’t feel like it matched the song and it was a little too much like Sia’s music videos.

Golden love by Midnight Youth

Another English song that was played in Uncontrollably Fond in the earlier episodes, before A Little Braver. This is such a soothing song. It reminds me of the good, happy, content scenes in Uncontrollably Fond.

I didn’t this much in the beginning but my friend was obsessed with this (she was watching the kdrama as well). She made me listen to it later and it grew on me.

Fake Love by BTS

I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan of kpop. But two of my friends are obsessed with this song and one of them made me listen to it. I didn’t like the music video or the song the first time. But later I gave it another shot and played it when I was doing something, and I liked the beats.

I listened to it a lot of times over a few days but it’s still not as much my favourite as the rest in this post. I’ve accepted that BTS is not my thing.


I really liked the song In the Illusion by Basick and INKII, and I especially loved INKII’s voice. So I searched for more songs of hers, came across this one and loved it as well. Her songs have a vibe somewhat similar to Fleurie and Ruelle, two artists whom I really love.

Feels Like Coming Home by Jetta

I was catching up on The Originals episodes from season 2, where I had stopped watching. I heard about the spin-off called Legacies based on Hope Mikaelson so I decided to catch up by taking a break from Kdramas.

This song also has a similar vibe to Fleurie, Ruelle and INKII so I ended up noticing it immediately when it played in a season 2 episode.

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Which songs were your favourite in May? Which were the ones that you listened to on repeat? And have you listened to any of the songs I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!


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