Favourite Songs of the Month

Welcome back to another music post! I really should do more posts about things other than books like I used to a long time back, but finding time to blog itself is hard nowadays. *sigh* Okay so I liked quite a few new songs this month. I spent time listening to them a lot. I'm really excited to talk about them so let's get to them!

10 book series I’ve given up on

The best thing and the worst thing about book series is reading multiple books before you reach the end. If you like the series, it's a blessing that there are more books but if you don't like the series, it's not good. Especially for those who want to know the ending but have to trudge through multiple books for it. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl and this week's TTT topic is Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Plan to Finish and it's perfect because I actually have quite a few series that I've given up on recently.

Mid-Year Book Freak-Out Tag

Can someone tell me how and where half the year has gone by? Because I'm really confused. I even finished another semester of classes! Last year around this time I found what Blink-182 actually means, and it's so true. 182 days (half the year) passes by in what seems like a blink. I didn't do this tag last year because by the time I found time to blog, it was already pretty late. I did do it in 2016, though, and I found it to be the perfect tag to record and update your reading.

A Court of Frost and Starlight || why does this exist???

I'm a fan of Sarah J. Maas. I have the first four books of Throne of Glass series and I also have ACOMAF and ACOWAR. I was super excited about this book. More about my baes from the series? Bring it on! Needless to say, I was disappointed. The story takes place about a year after ACOWAR and the book is supposed to be some sort of epilogue or segue into the next series about the same characters (probably starring Nesta). There were a lot of things I didn't like so let's do it in a list...

It’s Okay, That’s Love // Kdrama review

It's Okay That's Love poster

This was the second kdrama I ever watched, and it was completely different from what I expected. After I finished While You Were Sleeping, I searched for kdramas to watch which are like WYWS and this popped up in a list along with Pinocchio. If you've read my review on Pinocchio, you'd know that I really liked it. But I actually watched this before that and I didn't like this one much. Probably because of it's story and theme, which I didn't bother to find out before watching it.

Leah on the Offbeat || I’m a little disappointed, not gonna lie

All of us who have read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda were really looking forward to this. And by really I mean

screaming about it
rereading Simon vs. while waiting because why not
crying about Leah who's going to be perfect
screaming about Leah being bi...

The Cruel Prince || too much hype

The Cruel Prince has been receiving SO MUCH PRAISE in the book community. I was a little afraid of the hype so I waited until the hype went down a little before reading it. 

I'm glad I did because although the book is pretty good, I didn't like it enough to hype it up as much as I've been seeing. If there was no hype and I didn't have any expectations, I probably would have liked it better because now I feel like it's not lived up to the hype.

Favourite songs of the month

Looks like the Kdrama obsession hasn't dimmed yet. May's favourites are also made up mostly of Korean songs. So let's get to it!

Instead of reading, I spent my May binge watching even more Korean dramas and you know what that means? More kdrama OST* songs. I haven't gotten to listening to all of the OSTs yet since I'm working my way through the songs slowly, giving each attention, but I hope to listen to more OSTs soon.

Let's get to the songs!

10 books I can’t believe I didn’t DNF

I must have a lot of patience. I used to never DNF (Did Not Finish) a book but after finding the book community online, there are simply too many books to read that I don't have time to finish a book I don't like.

Nowadays, I DNF pretty liberally but there are still some books I'v finished all the way and, looking back, can't believe I stuck through them...

Call Me By Your Name || unpopular opinion alert!

Unforgettable, it was.

I'll be honest, this review is a negative review.

Call Me By Your Name had been getting a LOT of praise. The movie, especially. I'm not really a person who watches a lot of movies, but I do read a lot of books so I thought I'll read the book.

Initially, the plan was to buddy read with a friend of mine. It didn't work out but both of us ended up reading at the same time and I'm so glad for that because I NEEDED someone to rant with!