Favourite songs of the month

The K drama obsession has taken over my playlist as well. This month I’ve been almost completely listening to Korean songs and it’s all from the shows I’ve watched.

I’ve binged 4 K dramas completely and I’ve got over 40 Korean songs in my playlist now. There are quite a few I want to mention in this post so let’s get started.

Best Luck by Chen (EXO)

Lucid Dream by Monogram

Maze by Kim Nayoung

In The Illusion by INKII ft. Basick

Come to me by Lee Jong-suk


And that’s it for April! I had to narrow it down a LOT to only mention these many. The over 40 songs I have are NOT including Uncontrollably Fond‘s soundtrack, which I haven’t checked out yet.

Which songs did you listen to on repeat in April? Do you already have any favourites in May? Do you listen to Korean songs as well? Let me know below!


2 thoughts on “Favourite songs of the month”

  1. *laughs evily* kpop might become your next obsession. if you ever need anyone to educate you on kpop if you decide to dive into that genre, i’m your gal. i love the descendants of the sun ost, it’s sooo good!!

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    1. I haven’t seen that show yet! I’m now slowly going through more kdrama because college has made my life too busy to binge anymore šŸ˜‚ will ask you if I need any recs though!

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